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globe | Most Important Forex Regulators in the World Today

Most Important Forex Regulators in the World Today

Introduction: Why Regulate Forex? It is important to regulate forex because the amount of money which passes through the market everyday makes it very attractive for all sorts of scammers and white collar criminals to pervade the marketplace. Many of these criminals have found that the easiest way to con would-be traders and active traders is by forming brokerage companies, taking in money from traders and finding ways to run off...

forex regulations overview

Forex Regulation Overview

Forex regulation overview Forex (FX) regulation is crucial to both security and mutual trust between traders and operators. Companies operating from jurisdictions lacking in regulatory supervision are able to do so in an unfair and illegal manner without facing serious repercussions. Moreover, most unregulated operators do not provide their traders with even the most basic Client Money Protection principles. Regulation typically requires Forex operators to keep client funds separate from...

Regulation Plays a Major Role in FX Trading

Regulation Plays a Major Role in Forex Trading

When it comes to selecting a Forex broker, one of the most important factors to look for is whether or not it is covered by a reputable regulator. The surge in regulation Forex brokers opening their doors these days has increased the likelihood that many of them are operating without any regulation or bona fide supervision. Since the Forex market is decentralized and operates with no central exchange or clearing house, it is...

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