Robotolabs or robot for stock trading as a slave



What is the robot stock trading?
How to choose robot for trading shares and other securities?
But if I don’t want to buy?
The stage of creating a robot for the trader from scratch
What is the cost of creating an assistant?

Imagine the scene — you go to the exchange building, and there sitting at laptops iron men and trade. And between the rows of tables man walks with a whip and drives them like slaves in the galleys. Think fantastic? In the financial markets really work robots. But it looks not so.

What is the robot stock trading?
The irony is that lash does not need them — there is no problem with discipline, as humans. It’s not iron man, and the program. That it will provide the output you get. The outcome of the trade depends on the skills of the person who the program was. The robot is huge. At some point, the trader comes to mind:

None of us wants to live by only one work. You always want to spend more time with family, friends and Hobbies without a drawdown in income. Moreover, the Internet is teeming with calls for financial freedom and finding adventure. What side to this robots?

They save time — you will be downloading and testing the system, then only adjust settings. And it is not necessary to spend a lot of time on the computer.
The program is not a person, she has no emotions. This means that at the conclusion of transactions it is not cranky and therefore not wrong.
If desired, the trader can buy or create multiple robots of different benefitable strategies. But if there’s more than one, and the revenues higher.
If everything is properly set up, your iron Advisor will never exceed the risk threshold.
In the near and long term, it increases the efficiency of the trade in General.

The use of robot for trading on the exchange minimizes the errors that come with manual trading is not accidentally pressed, correctly assessed the situation, missed any level, walked away from the computer, when he published important news, late to the opening of the next session. That’s not counting the psychological traps that here is a big pain and deserve a separate series of articles. In simple language, the contents of the robot is reduced to a set of carefully selected rules, which fit perfectly into a single system — they are registered, when to buy, in any transaction to sell, what to consider first, which factors should not be guided. In principle, all the same, what makes a professional trader, the robot performs only the process it is automated. And already you don’t need to keep in mind the statistics, corporate reports, news exchanges with other regions. It is not necessary to monitor the reports, to consider changes in the price of paper in the past. Abyss and any other little things that paramount. Now all it will do iron. Then — in the circumstances. Or do you trade manually or your robot.

How to choose robot for trading shares and other securities?
Modern robots on the Moscow stock exchange close half of all transactions, and abroad, according to Deloitte, almost 80%. They are divided into two categories: They are Automatically connected to a trading account and then they themselves commit the transaction. Such robots contain software that calculates the level of risk, conditions for purchase/sale and even behavior in case of force majeure. Semi-automatic Their program is set up to analyze charts, news, company reports, and then give you a list of recommendations for trading. For this they are called advisers. Best robots for traders created by the programmers and mathematics. But when choosing be careful not to suggest to use the free robots, which offer online. Most often this is a demo version that require testing and serious improvement. Do you easily agree to donate their Deposit and offer it as a Guinea pig?

Stay away from sin by dishonest sellers:

Let buy inexpensive but the run-and-tested iron. The robots, which were offered money, while creating a sophisticated resiliency program in the event of sudden price spikes.
Pay attention to the level of return and risk in the past, openness of the system.
Do not buy “black box” — check with the seller how it all works.
Cheerleaders, if you talk only about benefitability, but about the risks (valid % lost money) are silent.
To minimize these risks it would be ideal to connect several robots trading on different strategies. Then you won’t depend on one system, and force majeure will be less.

To buy equipment is the easiest. This is the best for beginners, which saves time. It’s easier to trade! But there are also disadvantages:

Usually the creators don’t end up telling which trading model is being put into the system once and for all. To change them yourself, you can’t if you have no relevant knowledge or if the Creator decided to make the code closed.
There is no guarantee that previous success robot trading will impact the future and bring you benefit.
If such copies are sold a lot, it can degrade the efficiency of the algorithm.
And Yes, the robot is expensive.

But if I don’t want to buy?
No question, you can Tinker and create iron assistant independently. But will have to undergo appropriate training. What a good idea:

You will create a unique algorithm tailored specifically for you.
Will be able to timely adjust in the future, without referring to specialists
Save by refusing to purchase or earn on sales of their models. And why not?

This one requires a lot of time and regular adjustments.

Go to the stages of creating a robot for the trader from scratch:

Have you noticed in the market regularly recurring pattern and understand that it is a perspective for benefit.
Manually test conditions input/output, see how it works on charts of past sessions for a long period of time in different periods of volatility.
Verify that the ideas, find and connect the programmer who at least knows a bit about exchanges, make it TK
Together you are testing the program on history, change the settings for a better result when feasible for you loss.
The next stage of testing — check iron in combat conditions of market trading. Usually the results are worse than in history.
Sent for revision. The company can stretch and not even the end. In the process of operation, you will still add new ideas and discard old that will radically change the algorithm in comparison with the first version.

What is the cost of creating an assistant?
There is a risk that the cost of creating sophisticated technology for trading may be outweighed by future benefits. So first of all calculate be a large amount for manual testing automated trading strategies. For example, the robot for stock trading already is. You began to trade with him, and realized that with them you get benefits more than losses. To run it on a laptop in theory. And suddenly the power goes out or the Internet? The office will climb thieves or flood the neighbors above, the system unit will be filled with water? In order to avoid force majeure is better to cooperate with the exchange in one of two ways — install the program in the exchange data center or information processing center (Co-location), but there will be additional costs of about 20 thousand rubles per month. But that’s the case, if you have very advanced trading algorithms, which are important for high speed processing of incoming information.

It makes no sense to buy equipment until you master the trade hands and not thoroughly understand all processes independently. Once you learn how to get the income manually on the basis of your own trading strategy, you can think about buying or creating the robot. Because even iron in some period of time to start screwing up then you will need your knowledge and skills in order to adjust the algorithm. Independent creation of a robot for trading than others or can be quite expensive and labor-intensive. And by the way, quite benefitable. So this direction in any case you should consider. But even if you decide to create iron assistant only his beloved, he would keep track of different periods in different markets, will require your attention only when forming your favorite setups on the chart, a millimeter will not retreat from the rules would free up time for other useful and pleasant things.

Regardless of whether you bought the program or created after any such changes on the market will often have to make changes to the algorithm. Will have to learn programming or hire a programmer. Which do you prefer — buying or creating? Why? Maybe you already have a robot and trading experience with him? Share in the comments — for beginners this information will be invaluable! If you are new, subscribe to lessons from Alexander Gerchik. With robots later, you first need to learn the basics.

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