How to get on the exchange?

How to open an account on the exchange
To enter the American stock exchange, the Russian private investor easy enough. There are two ways of entry for foreign exchange, directly through a U.S. broker and in Russian, which will give You access to foreign exchanges.

If you decide to work with an American broker, ask him to email some documents. After that, sign and send the scanned documents to the broker at the same time, he does not send You the signed documents from your side. For the entry in the broker regulations need only signed the application. Next, You open account and send Bank details. After this procedure, you can safely go to any Bank and credit your account. Conditions of money transfer and the amount of the fee each Bank is different. The Bank may even request a contract for inspection at the Department of exchange control. If You encounter this, do not worry, usually this procedure does not take more than two days. Still need to know a caveat – if you open an account with a U.S. broker, You will have to submit a tax Declaration and to pay taxes to the Russian budget. And if I decided to open an account through a Russian broker, it wakes up Your tax agent, and yearly wakes to charge Your account the required amount of income tax. Here we painted the first steps to enter the exchange, You now know how to open an account on the exchange and charged as a Commission, learned the most successful American stock exchanges, the only thing left to try, what we wish You good luck!

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