IQ Option vs IG

Comparison of IQ Option vs IG

What is IQ Option

It is one of the best companies, which have been working in field for 8 years already and now it can be called the best of all other brokers.

As it has been running for several years, this broker has been questioned on several occasions, raising certain questions. Is it really reliable? Is it favorable to invest through it? Has it already lost its shine? In Forex Operations, where our purpose is to carry out exhaustive research on the most well-known brokers, this time we present a review on IQ Option, where we hope to clarify these doubts.

What is IQ Option

What is IG Markets?

IG Markets is a broker that is known for being one of the largest in the world by size, something that the same broker publishes on its website as the number 1 provider in some years in Spain or the United Kingdom.

This broker opened its doors in 1974 in Great Britain, having been present in the derivatives markets for more than 40 years and being a leader in the always difficult market for CFDs.

The broker’s offer even varies from country to country, depending on specific regulations, although practically all of them offer a good part of their CFD products. Few CFD brokers can offer more than 16,000 markets to trade.


What are the characteristics of IQ Option?

This is a well-known broker, despite the fact that its characteristics do not stand out compared to its competition. Here are the most important ones:

  • Provides technical analysis through newsletters and economic calendars with more than 100 indicators.
  • It has various functions available, such as Stop Loss / Take Benefit, Trailing Stop and Negative Balance Protection, so that traders can manage their benefits and losses.
  • A community where the trader has the opportunity both to discuss their investment ideas and opportunities, and to learn about those of other investors.
  • It provides a risk warning about investing through instruments such as CFDs and about the operations to be carried out.
  • Offers multi-language support.

Is the IG Markets broker safe?

IG Markets is one of the safest brokers in the market due to the large number of regulations to which it is subject and the fact that many of them offer client protection deposits. But it is only on paper.

IG Markets has offices in the most important countries in the world, including Spain, where it is regulated by the CNMV with number 37, one of the first brokers to register there.

Not surprisingly, IG is also registered with the British FCA.

Another important regulation of this broker is the one they have in the German BaFin, under the name of IG Europe GmbH.

It is also regulated by the Australian ASIC, in Singapore, Switzerland, Japan and South Africa.

In addition to being one of the oldest brokers in the CFD market (if not the oldest), IG Markets offers the security of having its clients’ accounts segregated with the strictest capital controls. Likewise, IG Markets adheres to the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), where IG clients are considered investors and have protection of up to GBP 50,000. The same occurs for investors who open accounts in Spain, who will see them protected by Fogain up to 100,000 euros per account.

Another thing that guarantees that we are dealing with a legit broker is the fact that IG Markets is listed on the UK stock exchange, no less than on the FTSE250, under the group name: IG Group.

The more than 190,000 clients make this broker one of the largest in the world.

It is not surprising that it is one of the favorite brokers as IG Markets has offices in many countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan, Dubai or South Africa.

What types of profiles does IQ Option offer?

It is necessary to mention that on the official page it was not possible to find information about the types of profiles offered by this broker, since it only emphasizes the Demo profile, designed to practice strategies before entering the market. However, there is no tab where they are explained or described in detail, an aspect that could generate doubts in traders who want to evaluate their options to trade.

However, information about the types of profiles was found on their official blog, which can be accessed from the IQ Option page:

  • Demo or practice profile: As mentioned, this profile is a Demo that, as the broker indicates, allows you to make use of the benefits of a real account and the trader has the possibility of deactivating it at the time he prefers to do so.
  • Real profile: It has more than 500 assets to invest, live assistance and offers the possibility of withdrawing funds in minutes, directing them to the credit card or portfolio registered by the trader. However, the cash withdrawal time can take up to a month to be reflected in the trader’s bank depending on the method you choose.
  • VIP profile: This type of profile has certain advantages such as high benefitability rates, personal agents available to the trader to solve their queries, and finally, free participation in what IQ Option calls Tournaments, or competitions.
  • Similarly, there is a Client Categorization, where all clients are initially categorized as Retailers, and although it is possible to change their status from retail client to Professional when required, there is a noticeable difference between the two: Retailers’ funds do not they will have the protection or coverage of the Investor Compensation Fund, which is considered a disadvantage for those who belong to this group.

Profiles on IG

To open an account it will be necessary to fill out a fairly simple online form. In case IG needs any more information it may be required. You can also open an account by mail.

The ways to deposit money will be through transfer and by credit card.

There will be no minimum deposit to open an account. The client must try to have sufficient margin to operate the different contracts.

If we prefer, we can open a demo account, which is always recommended before actually negotiating with the broker.

Profiles on IG

What kind of tools does the Iq Option provide to its clients?

IQ Option has an Educational Center that includes elements such as newsletters, video tutorials and its aforementioned blog, where basic articles are published on various topics in the financial world.

Despite the foregoing, it is evident that their training tools are scarce, incomplete and that the information they provide is not enough, causing the trader to carry out their own search for information on other sites, therefore, this is considered as a great aspect to improve for this broker.

How does Iq Option operate in the market?

On the official page it is possible to find the assets with which this broker operates, and although there is no more information about the benefits of operating these assets specifically with IQ Option, the following information was found about them, which are actually limited:

  • Indices: Despite the fact that its official website assures that it offers the opportunity to trade CFDs on some of the characteristic indices of the market, when the Indices tab is clicked, a notice appears immediately indicating that the assets are not available in the moment, which can be disappointing and confusing for traders interested in trading these assets.
  • Fx: This broker offers to trade 41 currency pairs, some of the most popular on the market, such as EUR / GBP, AUD / USD, EUR / USD, among others.
  • Coins: With this broker it is possible to operate with CFDs on among which are some of the most recognized, such as Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, for example.
  • Stocks: The broker provides CFDs on 181 stocks of leading companies, including some such as Disney, Spotify, Adidas, and Tesla.
  • Commodities: IQ Option has only CFDs on 4 commodities, which are: Brent Oil, WTI Oil, Gold and Silver.

Regarding exchange-traded funds, there is the following option:

  • ETFs: To operate this investment fund there are CFDs on 24 options, among which are UltraPro short QQQ, Energy SPDR, and Utilities SPDR, for example.

Other options of trading instruments:

  • Dig. opt.: This instrument allows you to speculate on the price variation, not only on the general direction of the price. One of its main characteristics is the predetermined expiration time, since they are 5-minute intervals.
  • Bin. opt.: This investment instrument, which does not enjoy very good traction for many, offers results for the correct predictions in the direction of prices of an asset within a certain period of time. With this type of instrument, it is possible to speculate on the price movements of various stocks, commodities, indices and currency pairs.

IG vs IQ comparison

Trading with guarantees on IG Markets?

One of the best features of IG Markets is that it offers the possibility of trading with limited risk, in which the broker guarantees that the trader will not lose more than the stipulated amount.

It does this by adding an extra spread to the different instruments. In this way, the operation will be more expensive but safer. In situations like Black Thursday of the Swiss franc, trading like this is a much better option.

Is Ig Markets a scam?

After what we have seen we can conclude that IG Markets does seem like a scam. We are probably before the retail broker with the highest number of regulations in the world. But even a broker that has been in the market for more than 40 years still can be a scam. We can suspect this of a new company that has been created and has not yet earned a reputation. This is not the case with IG Markets.

Commissions and markets

IG markets’ range of CFD markets is probably the best in that market, as we do not know brokers with a greater number of products, except perhaps Saxo Bank.

IG Markets is an ECN broker and market maker at the same time, offering various possibilities for trading in the markets.

For example, we can open a Direct Market Access (DMA) account, where we will operate under ECN conditions and with prices close to interbank, paying a commission. s.

However, if we trade with the standard IG account, we will be doing it under the market maker model. This does not mean that the broker is bad, far from it, since a lot of the best companies in this field are the same, including IG Markets.

IG commissions and markets

What is the regulation of the IQ Option?

IQ Option is currently regulated by CySEC (247/14). It is classified as the first category, which could guarantee the security of your data and the information of your operations.

Opinions about IG

We can find opinions about this global broker both in Spanish and English-speaking forums and we could also find opinions in the forums of any other language in the world, since IG Markets is present in the four corners of the world, with some exceptions such as: Korea del Norte and some others. Most of them are negative as shown down below.

Negative opinions:

  • Guys from support has not responded to me as quickly as it should;
  • I have problems with crashes on the platform;
  • They have not taken my calls;
  • The platform crashes, I have several incidents this week;
  • I don’t like trading commissions.

What is the conclusion?

After carrying out the respective inquiry about them, we conclude that IQ Option is the best choice in this field, due to the use of its software to carry out operations.

The organization of IG website and its training center still leave much to be desired, since, if its purpose is to provide relevant information so that its clients can operate correctly, there is still a long way to go to fulfill it.

Therefore, trading with IQ Option is a great platform, since we do recommend it based on what we found.


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