IQ Option vs AvaTrade

Comparison IQ Option vs AvaTrade

IQ Option – Who is it?

IQ Option is a company located in Cyprus that has offered brokerage services since 2013. The company has a presence in almost all countries, so much so that, to date, it has about 40 million open accounts.

The product of IQ Option is things, better known all over the world as CFD. Using these derivative instruments, you can start from € 10 with everything like traditional metals, oil and, more recently, virtual currencies.

It is famous in Spain for its simple usage and a lot of different advantages which is why it has become the preferred choice of novice traders who take their first steps in this sphere of investing and trading.

broker IQ option comparison

AVAtrade – Who is it?

AVAtrade is one of the pioneers of online financial trading, having been founded in 2006. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and has offices in Spain, France, Italy, Australia and Japan.

Avatrade broker offers Fx and CFDs on stock indices, government bonds and popular currencies in the blockchain world. Due to its extensive portfolio, the opinions of AVAtrade in the trading community are usually positive.

This broker is more suitable for experienced traders, as it has higher deposit requirements and has powerful platforms, but requires practice. At AVAtrade, the minimum amount of money, which you should put is € 100 and it gives you access to MT4 and MT5 directions, AVAOptions, AVAtrade GO and Duplitrade.

“AVAtrade is an industry veteran with powerful tools and a broad portfolio of instruments ideal for experienced traders.”

Brokers point out the presence of competitive spreads, bonuses and transparency in the whole process of trading and investing. AvaTrade created its own AvaTrade Act program.

AvaTrade broker vs IQ

What instruments do IQ Option and AVAtrade offer?

These are the instruments with which you can operate in each of these brokers:

IQ OptionAvaTrade
Traditional currenciesOn IQ Option you find currency pairs of various classes, both major, minor and exotic. You can trade EUR / USD, EUR / JPY, EUR / GBP, among many others.In the AVAtrade Fx section you can find the most popular pairs, such as EUR / USD and GBP / USD, as well as rare crosses such as EUR / ISL and USD / CLP.
VanillaIQ Option does not offer on its standard accounts.AVAtrade is a one-of-a-kind broker, offering vanilla – classic – Fx. Here you find the complete list of currency pairs.
ActionsIQ Option has an assorted listing of stocks from famous companies, such as Tesla, Apple, AMD, Amazon, Facebook, and many others. There are also European trading floor papers.You can trade CFDs on stocks on US and European stock exchanges. Famous titles such as Apple, Amazon and Netflix are available.
DIfferent materialsThis company lets you trade the most popular metals, Brent and WTI oils.It has a wide variety of instruments, such as oil, gold, silver, platinum, corn, soybeans, coffee, cocoa, and others.
Indices and ETFsHere is a diverse list of indices comprising the S&P 500, the Dow Jones, and the MSCI emerging markets indices.In the Spanish version of AVAtrade you can trade with different indices, such as the S&P 500, the NASDAQ 100 and the Dow Jones.
BondsTheir company is the leader in this theme, since their access to most of the popular brands is insane.Their company cannot boast of such a variety and percentages when it comes to this topic. Yes, you can still work with the most famous coins and not so much, but this is not so pleasant and you most likely will not want to deal with this issue in principle, unless you use the services of the other side.

Both brokers offer the biggest amount of instruments. However, it should be noted that the Avatrade broker has some unconventional investment vehicles, such as vanilla and government bonds.

However, both IQ Option and AVAtrade are good picks for the average trader, given that both companies have the most popular instruments.

In our opinion, AVAtrade is best suited for specific niche traders who have knowledge of defined instruments, such as bonds.

Both companies offer what is necessary for average traders. However, AVAtrade has a more extensive list of instruments that niche traders may be interested in.

IQ Option accounts

Here you will be able to make your choice:

  1. Account to check: here you have 10,000 virtual $ and you can do anything you want by just working out the same as always. You will have all the functions open to understand the main idea and secrets of this place.
  2. And, of course, a casual account which can be found on any platform since it is real and gives you the full functionality as the demo one, but with the possibility to earn your money.

AVAtrade accounts

Which kinds of profile can be found here:

  1. Demo Profile: This is a € 100,000 demo Profile that you can use on the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Duplitrade and other useful places. Here they also don’t take away the right to fully understand the concept.
  2. Live Profile: This Profile requires a minimum deposit of € 100 – or € 500, if you make a bank deposit. This Profile offers the same possibilities as the demo version, although it allows you to get real money returns.
  3. Professional Profile: these are Profiles reserved for traders with extensive experience and funds. The company will ask you for proof of previous experience and investment portfolio.

Firstly we highly recommend you to start the first profiles to see how it is done and how to not lose your money, which you will put in the use, since if you won’t understand something it is very possible that you will make the wrong move and nobody will help you after that, since it was your choice.

Payment methods: IQ Option vs AvaTrade

The payment methods of both companies are similar. In both IQ Option and AVAtrade, you can make your payments and collections with debit and credit cards, electronic wallets and bank accounts.

The main difference between the two companies lies in their investment requirements. The minimum amount you must deposit on IQ Option is € 10, while AVAtrade’s minimum deposit is € 100, or € 500 if you want to use your bank account.

Both brokers have good forms of payment for Spain. However, at AVAtrade the minimum deposit is higher than at IQ Option.

IQ OptionAvaTrade
Bank cardsMake your payments and collections using Visa and MastercardThis broker accepts Visa, Mastercard and JCB credit and debit cards
Electronic walletsIQ Option has among its payment methods Skrill and NETELLERYou can manage your payments using Skrill and NETELLER
Wire transferWith this broker you can deposit and collect money with Spanish bank accountsYou can make deposits from Spanish bank accounts, but the minimum accepted value is € 500

What platforms do IQ Option and AVAtrade have?

IQ Option

When trading, you can make use of these software on IQ Option:

  • IQ Option web: it is a versatile, fast and very easy to use software that has been the recipient of various industry awards. The IQ Option platform is perfect for novice traders, although it does include features suitable for advanced trading.
  • IQ Option for computers: It is a desktop version of the web platform, so it has similar functions and interface. This software is available for Windows and Mac OS computers.
  • IQ Option App: The broker also has trading apps for iPhone and Android. The platform is easy to use from mobile phones thanks to its optimized design.

The main attraction of IQ Option is its fast, versatile and easy-to-use platform. Feedback about the broker tends to be highly positive thanks to this software.

AVAtrade Broker

At the avatrade broker you can choose between any of these software:

  • MT4: MT4 is the best software in the whole system. The main advantage of it is the possibility to integrate additional elements such as indicators and robots. The software is powerful, but it is not friendly to new users. You can download MT4 right after creating your profile.
  • MT5: MT5 is the most recent version of MetaTrader, although not as popular as its predecessor. The software also supports various add-ons such as trading robots, indicators, and scripts.
  • AVAOptions: You can work using this platform. This software can be changed easily and includes multiple such as predefined strategies, profit / loss diagrams, implied volatility curves, and more.
  • AVAtrade GO: a platform specially designed for mobiles, so it has a simple interface that favors handling from small screens. The aim of the app is to give you the possibility to do whatever you want in every corner of the earth.

AVAtrade platforms are powerful and support thousands of add-ons, but require a learning period. Even so, the opinions of AVAtrade are positive, because they can help you even in the bad situation with the different plans.

IQ Option has only one place which is ideal for newbies, while AVAtrade has several powerful platforms that are suitable for experts.

IQ Option tools

Here you can see such things as:

  • Tutorials: learn how to understand the site in a few moments with the help of short videos.
  • Guides: the broker includes comprehensive guides for investing in the markets, even if you have no prior knowledge.
  • Economic Calendar: In this calendar you will find scheduled announcements and reports that can influence prices.
  • Economic News: News will be very important for you if you will start your way in trading.
  • Market analysis: different useful information for you to understand the flow of ups and downs.

AVAtrade tools

In the AVAtrade you can find the following tools:

  • Basic Trading Guides: In the AVAtrade Fx section you will find detailed guides on basic trading concepts such as pip, indicator and leverage.
  • Advanced Guides: They are also offering guides on advanced techniques which cover concepts such as OCA, stop and limit orders, technical and fundamental analysis, among others.
  • Trading Calculator: This tool allows you to calculate information pertinent to your trade, such as size, spread, risks and possible returns.
  • Economic Calendar – Here you will also find future events that may influence instrument prices.
  • Analysis: Through the Sharp Trader website, the broker offers different useful information, which isn’t free.
  • AVAProtect: a system that allows you to protect your operations from losses in exchange for paying an additional amount of money.

So who is the best?

Both of them are professional, transparent and long-standing brokers. Mostly you should watch for differences and decide for yourself which is the best.

iQ Option can be an ideal platform both for those who are not particularly versed in the whole topic and are ready to learn, and for already experienced investors who know their limits. It is also very pleasant that the entry threshold is very cheap and anyone can ensure that they open an account here.

AvaTrade is losing in all of that and the only thing for which it can be proud of is experience.

What else to say about IQ broker

This intermediary has the credibility of the least part of the surveyed brokers and in the comments published on the internet. It can be respected for its long history and opening of the best ways in this field. It has a fairly strong position in many rankings that we have found, plus its own trading program is very easy to use and very informative.

We can recommend it to brokers who are very confident in the Fx market. But, for those who just want to test their strengths in the market or want to use the maximum of the opportunities that there are so far we will recommend that they go to the highest points of our list of the best brokers.

Delays in operation also occur. Good features, thanks to which we consider the platform to be safe and not a scam.

Summary: The intermediary with a history but a little behind the trends.


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