IQ Option vs 24Option

24 options cannot offer its services in the European Economic Area, Switzerland, the United States, British Columbia, Canada. Vague descriptions on the website about the provenance of the platform. Chinese trading platform founded by Richfield Capital Limited. Lots of features, little information, and little feedback from real traders and a few regulators.

Online brokers offer various investment opportunities, professional traders can access tools that facilitate the operation, while less experienced have advice and training. Although there are a large number of platforms for trading, they establish particular operating conditions that must be analyzed. Learn about a comparison between IQ Option and 24Option, 2 of the most prominent brokers worldwide.

IQ-option broker

To choose the best broker, you will have to compare all the basic facts and the things that each of them can offer you, because the conditions are different for everyone and some companies simply will not allow you to open a profile on their website if you do not put enough money into your account, but sometimes this amount is too high for an ordinary man in the street.

In this case, you should find out about who will be able to offer the most benefitable and pleasant conditions for you in order to start working and earning with pure advice, and therefore in this text you can compare these two giants of the industry and choose the most suitable one for yourself.

24 option

IQ Option24Option
From which year exists20132010
Online platformSelf-developed software (Windows and Mac OS)Software with own development and MT4
Mobile appsBoth for Android and AppleBoth for Android and Apple
Are there a lot of languages available?YesNo
Customer Support24/7 online support, telephone service and email24/5 online chat and email
Education – TrainingYes, tutorial videosYes, tutorial videos (limited, depending on the type of account)
Trading opt.YesNo
Assets available48 assets, 185 Stocks, 4 Commodities, 24 Funds50 assets, 150 Shares, 23 Commodities, 2 Funds, 19 Indices, (May be limited depending on the type of account)

Iq Option vs 24Option characteristics

These online brokers share some basic similarities, however, the most important characteristics are described below:

IQ Option trading platform: it offers a wide variety of financial assets to trade, a proprietary software with a web interface (IQ Option 4.0) to install on MAC and Windows, as well as a mobile app. The design that facilitates the operation and an interactive training from the application (tutorial videos, online chat and forum in Spanish).

Trading IQ Option in 3 steps

  1. Free registration and confirmation via email on the official website.
  2. Registered users can get to know the platform without the need to make the first deposit, the demo account offers all the functionalities of the real account and virtual money to operate. They should only download the software on their mobile and / or computer.
  3. Once the trader feels ready to trade (in the case of a beginner), he can switch to the real account and trade with a minimum deposit.

– it is an online broker that has a multiplatform, registered users can access the web interface and mobile application (proprietary design), as well as an additional opt. (MT4 Software).

Trading 24 Options in 3 steps

  1. Free registration and confirmation via email on the website
  2. After registration, users have access to the demo account (web interface and mobile application). They have a virtual fund to know the platform.
  3. At any time they can switch to the real account (they choose between 4 types of account: Basic, Gold, Platinum and VIP), they must also make the minimum deposit to operate with real money.

You can have up to 91% return on the IQ Option platform (successful trades). In addition, the minimum deposit is 10 euros without commissions, while the minimum amount to open the operation is only 1 euro. This Broker also offers a maximum leverage of 1: 1000.

IQ Option24Option
Potential returnUp to 91%Up to 88%
Minimal investment$ 1$ 28
Maximum investment$ 6,000$ 3,000
CommissionNo commissionsNo commissions
Leverage1: 10001:30 (retail customer) and 1: 400 (professional customer)
Minimum deposit (real account)$ 10$ 250

In 24Options you can achieve up to 88% return for successful operations, although it is a low percentage compared to most online brokers, it allows deposits without commissions with a minimum amount of 250 euros for the basic account. Users also have leverages of 1:30 (retail) and 1: 400 (professional).

On both platforms you can have a free demo account, however, the IQ Option demo account offers all the functionalities of the real account (access to all financial assets, graphical tools and indicators). In addition, it has a virtual amount of $ 10,000 that is recharged automatically, without the need to risk real money.

IQ Option24Option
Online platformFree registration accessFree registration access
Virtual amount available$ 10,000$ 100,000
Assets availableAllLimited

Demo Profiles

Trial profiles are very important so that any novice trader or investor can fully understand the structure of the software and how you can make more money with it.

Also, very often even experienced investors make many mistakes when they get to new platforms, which is considered very dangerous and can carry a lot of unpleasant consequences, namely the loss of all saved or earned funds.

That is why we strongly recommend all those who want to start working with these brokers, first of all, create trial profiles and look at their device and functionality, so as not to make mistakes after creating a real one.

Advantages of IQ Option demo:

  • Unlimited use.
  • Access to all assets and trading opt.
  • Free access (from the application) to technical support, online chat and forum (possibility of sharing experiences with other traders).

Advantages of 24option cfd demo:

  • Unlimited use.
  • Virtual amount of $ 100,000.
  • It allows the opportunity to practice strategies and learn about functionalities.

The 24option demo Profile offers a virtual amount of $ 100,000, you will have limited access to financial assets, as well as tutorial videos. The training is only available from the website and is restricted by account type (for example, the basic account offers access to 1 basic lesson and technical analysis).

IQ Option24Option
SoftwareIQ Option 4.0 (owner)24Option (owner) and MT4
Graphical toolsAvailable (5 types)Available
Indicators and widgetsYes, users can have 98 indicators and 5 widgets90 technical indicators
TutorialsYes, it offers tutorial videos in software and AppNo
Chat and support from applicationYesOnly Online Chat

Online place to trade

– IQ Option 4.0: it has a design that facilitates the operation, buttons have a tutorial with the description of its operation, it also offers more than 100 graphical indicators that help during the analysis. In addition, the platform allows you to switch accounts (between trial and real) at your convenience, you can try something new and put it into practice if the result is satisfactory. In fact, you will have the ability to access technical support, video tutorials and forums without leaving the application. The App is at version 7.0 and has more than 50 million downloads with excellent user reviews.

IQ option and 24option

– 24 Option: the broker offers 3 alternatives to operate online, a web interface from the official site, the well-known MT4 software (Meta Trader 4) and the recent mobile App (version 2.0 with more than 100,000 downloads). Although it does not have a very intuitive design, it offers indicators and graphical tools to improve your knowledge. You always have the possibility to change your type (real-demo), however, online chat and technical support are only available from the website.


Deposit and withdrawal methods

The platforms have a long history and accept various payment methods, although they may change depending on the region (some are local payment methods). However, they always offer alternatives that facilitate the transaction.

IQ Option24Option
Minimum deposit (real profile)$ 10$ 250
Available payment methodsCredit card, electronic wallet, online payment methods, bank transferCredit card, electronic wallet, online payment methods, bank transfer
Available withdrawal methodsAll, you must have the same payment method that you used to deposit.All, you must have the same payment method that you used to deposit.
Time to process withdrawal24 hours (up to 1 business day)24 hours (up to 5 business days)
Minimum withdrawal amount$ 2$ 100 (for bank transfers)

– Deposit and withdrawal on IQ Option: the trading platform allows one of the lowest deposits on the market, with only 10 euros you can start operations in your real account. It also supports the most used means of payment in Spain, from electronic wallets to credit and debit cards. Regarding the withdrawal, IQ Option offers a transparent and agile process to dispose of the money (the withdrawal is processed in 24 hours and the transaction time depends on the payment method used).

– Deposit and withdrawal at 24 Option: accept a minimum deposit of 250 euros, you will get access to everything. Withdrawals are requested at any time (the minimum amount applies only in bank transfers), you must use the same payment method that you used for the deposit. In addition, the withdrawal process takes between 1 and 5 business days, while the fees vary depending on the type of account (for example, the basic account offers 1 free withdrawal).

Online trading tournaments

Most brokers organize trading tournaments (paid and free), they are events that are aimed at encouraging the use of the platform. Paid tournaments generally offer the chance to win big for a minimum buy-in amount.

IQ Option24Option
Tournaments typesFree and paid (cost between € 4 and € 20)No tournaments available
Frequency2 or 3 tournaments per week
DurationVariable, can last 15 days or 1 month
PrizeVariable, there are tournaments of up to $ 50,000 dollars

IQ Option organizes between 2 to 3 tournaments per week, some are free and others require a minimum amount (between 4 and 20 euros). In the most important events, prizes of up to $ 50,000 can be offered (to be distributed among the best traders of the day). In addition, they represent an opportunity to share experiences among traders and develop new strategies.

IQ Option vs 24 Option: Opinion Summary

– IQ Option Opinions: It is a robust and secure trading platform that earns thousands of professional users every month. It is also accessible to newbies, requires some of the lowest deposits, and has intuitive software. Despite being in business for only 8 years, IQ Option has garnered excellent user reviews globally.

It also helps you to modify your own skills and after their course you will be considered as the professional trader and investors. IQ Option is the best possible place to use your own knowledge to invest into something new.

– 24option opinions: it is a broker with extensive experience in the market that offers a wide variety of financial assets. However, depending on the type of account you register, some important elements such as spread (measured in pips), free withdrawals per month, and online seminars are limited.

The minimum deposit (250 euros) can also be conditional for traders in training, who are looking for a lower deposit. In addition, 24option are not available in Spain, the offer is oriented towards CFDs (Contract for Differences) and the currency market.

For those who have been in the market for a long time or just want to test their strength, we do not recommend starting from our intermediary because you can find a lot of information about them. Active companies do not have a clear position on whether to work with him. It can be interesting for a limited group of people who have found special instruments in their functionality. There is a completely free demo account.

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