IQ Option vs XTB. What to choose?

Comparison of IQ Option vs XTB

What is IQ Option

IQ Option is a company that has been working for 8 years already and offers a variety of services to its clients, including multiple underlying assets and additional benefits for the trader, including a personal account manager and personalized training. Its platform is a web-based application that we will describe later. It is currently one of the most consolidated and important brokers in the sector, and continues to show sustained growth.

Currently, IQOption clients can trade whenever they want to do so and the site itself gives them the full variety of tools to work with.

IQOption applies an operation model based on the rules of pure exchange, such as those applied in exchanges. At any time and for any price, there are always operators to deal with. Thanks to this, in most cases IQ Option acts only as an intermediary, and not as a Market Maker, which avoids conflicts of interest.


What is XTB

XTB is a broker of Polish origin founded in 2002, initially under the name of X-Trade Brokers. Today it operates in more than 13 countries around the world, including Chile, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and of course, Poland. According to its official website, it is considered one of the largest Fx and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) brokers in the world, having as its main values ​​trust, technological advancement and good customer service.

Despite these statements, certain doubts have arisen among traders regarding its reliability and its offer of assets provided to clients, among which are: Is it really a reliable broker? Is your educational center complete? What is your supply of assets? That is why, on this occasion, we present a detailed review of XTB, a broker with a long history but that has given much to talk about.

what is xtb

IQ Option advantage

If we will speak, then they offer the following:

  • High;
  • Low.

These are the most benefitable for every trader and you can be sure to use them as you want. It is the main feature of the company, so you should put an eye on it.

The benefits that IQ offers for successful operations (end In The Money and in which the trader hits his market forecast) is 70% – 92%, depending on the type, underlying asset and expiration period of the contract. In the case of losing trades, the trader loses 100% of the invested capital (premium).

Aspects to highlight about the XTB broker

First of all, it is essential to mention some of the most important aspects about this broker that are worth highlighting, such as the following:

  1. Provides statistics of the trader’s operations in real time.
  2. It belongs to the Warsaw Stock Exchange, which gives it a certain reliability.
  3. It has 24/5 customer service.
  4. Their customer service is available in different languages, including Spanish, and it is possible to contact the guys easily.
  5. It provides more than 4000 things to trade in the market.

The money of its clients is in segregated accounts, that is, it remains in bank accounts separate from the broker’s capital, which despite being positive, is not something to highlight since most of the market brokers also do so.

Disadvantages of XTB

Likewise, it is also valid to address the negative aspects of the XTB broker, complying with the responsibility of delivering honest and complete reviews to the users of our community. These negative points are described below:

  1. The fact of having different regulations of different countries can be considered as a disadvantage, thanks to the fact that this can cause the services to vary according to the country where it is operated, making it more difficult for the trader to calculate the benefitability and risk of each operation.
  2. Stop losses are guaranteed only for Standard category accounts, therefore, the risk on pro accounts tends to rise.
  3. Your DEMO profile is limited to 30 days only.
  4. This intermediary collects a commission.
  5. These guys don’t have Islamic category accounts for those traders who are governed by Sharia Law.

IQOption website

IQOption offers a simple and easy to navigate website, which is also translated into Spanish. It has a lot of information about the company’s services, such as the types, the list of underlying assets, the trading conditions, the payment offered, the means of contact for the client and other similar aspects.

This broker offers the following means of contact to its clients:

  • Email;
  • Telephone;
  • Live chat on the website.

What products does XTB offer to operate?

The underlying assets that this intermediary offers to its clients to operate in the market are described below. Its most important characteristics are the following:

  1. Fx: When trading this asset with XTB in the Fx market, the trader has: 48 currency pairs as to trade with the one of his preference, spreads from 0.1 pips, without requotes and the possibility of trading with micro lots. Some of the pairs offered by this broker are EUR / USD, EUR / GBP, AUD / USD, among others, all of them through Contracts for Difference or CFDs.
  2. Indices: This broker offers the possibility of trading CFDs on indices with approximately 20 indices globally, such as the USA, Germany, China, among others, with financial leverage, long or short positions, and according to its official website, with low operating costs.
  3. Raw materials: With this broker it is possible to operate with commodities from recognized groups in the market such as gold, silver, oil, coffee, corn and others, with volatility, from any device, and with availability to negotiate 24 hours a day .
  4. Shares: XTB offers approximately 2000 shares in cash, which are listed on 16 global exchanges, among which are companies such as Tesla, Netflix, Facebook, Banco Santander, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV (FCA), among others recognized in the market, with zero commissions and professional customer support 24/5. In addition, this broker offers to trade CFDs on shares, which means speculating on the price of this asset without owning it directly.

However, there is also the possibility of operating with other types of instruments, such as investment funds or ETFs:

  • ETFs: When investing with ETFs, the trader has the possibility to choose between approximately 200 listed investment funds of global companies, bonds, commodities, among others, in addition to trading CFDs based on ETFs, replicating the price movements of the funds that are operated.

IQOption trading platform

The IQ platform is a web-based application, which means that it requires no download or installation. It has a simple interface, even for novice traders, specifically designed for High / Low type trading. It is also designed with various features for managing transactions, including risk management tools. Likewise, it has some trading functions such as real-time quotes (for the underlying assets), price charts and others.

Its interface allows you to open up to 4 different price charts, which allows you to better monitor the markets. Unlike most platforms, it has various technical indicators such as trend lines, resistance / support lines, moving averages, RSI and Bollinger Bands.

It also allows access to market analysis and real-time trading signals to help the trader trade.

IQOption offers applications for mobile devices that allow you to trade from smartphones and tablets.

iqoption trading platform

XTB trading platform

Likewise, it is important that you know the platforms that XTB has to operate with the different assets and markets that it offers. The two platforms it offers are:

  1. MT4 platform: This intermediary has one of the most popular platforms in the market, preferred by many traders to make their investments, such as MetaTrader 4 or MT4, designed to make trading in the different financial markets in a simple way, with the possibility of automate operations and analyze each financial instrument. This platform has applications for desktop, tablet, and mobile phone, as well as being able to access it from any browser. Likewise, MetaTrader 4 has technical market analysis tools such as charts and indicators, which the trader can use to their advantage.
  2. XStation 5 Platform: On its website it is promoted as an easy-to-use trading platform, which is designed to provide results to traders, transparency and with a graphics offer that is considered the most complete in the market. However, the xStation platform is owned by the broker, so neither the quality nor the security of the investor’s data or their operations is guaranteed.

In addition, XTB has a mobile application called xStation mobile, available on Google Play and the App Store. However, the app has the occasional negative comment from several users about faults found in its operation, among other disagreements about their experience with mobile xStation. For these reasons, the quality of service of the application is not ensure

Types of IQ Option trading accounts

  • Starter Account (Minimum Deposit – $ 10): It is an account for traders with little experience. It offers an online trading platform, platforms for mobile devices, market news and alerts, a personal account manager and a return of up to 45% in case of a wrong prediction.
  • VIP Account (Minimum Deposit – $ 1000): This account is a good for experienced traders in the field. It offers an online trading platform, platforms for mobile devices, daily market analysis, a personal account manager, trading signals, one-to-one personalized training, monthly analysis of the trader’s performance by an analyst, a return of up to 60% in case of a wrong prediction and more.
  • Demo Accounts: IQOption offers its clients a practice demo account with no time limit.

Types of XTB trading accounts

Now, the main accounts offered by this intermediary and with which it is possible to carry out trading operations are:

  • XTBSTANDAR: In this category it is possible to invest with assets such as commodities, indices, stocks, ETFs, and currencies with a minimum deposit of: 1 USD, 1,500 USD, and 15,000 USD, leverage of 1: 500, both the MT4 and xStation trading platforms available, as well as minimum spreads in pips of 0.70, 1.5 and 2.8.
  • XTBPRO: With this account, traders can trade assets such as stocks, ETFs, indices, commodities and currencies, minimum deposit of 40,000 USD (100 lots per month), minimum spread in pips of 0.3, maximum leverage 1: 500 and with the two platforms available to trade: xStation and MT4.

Types of XTB trading accounts

It is valid to mention that the account type offer of this broker still leaves much to be desired, since by offering only two main categories it limits the trader in terms of freedom and variety to operate in the market, which could turn out to be in a disappointing experience for certain users.

  • DEMO account: This account is designed exclusively to practice trading strategies without taking risks, since it does not operate with real money. This account is free.

In addition, anyone who wishes can become a Professional Client, and obtain certain conditions such as: Negative balance protection, segregated account of funds, a maximum leverage of CFDs on Fx in major currency pairs of 200: 1, maximum leverage of CFDs on commodities (excluding gold) of 67: 1, among others.

IQ vs xtb comparison

Special features of IQ Option

  • IQOption is currently one of the few reputable and regulated brokers.
  • Daily analysis of the markets.
  • Customer service 24 hours a day.
  • A service of trading signals accessible through the trading platform.
  • One-on-one personalized training.
  • A dedicated senior broker.
  • It offers different educational resources for the trader.
  • Personalized analysis of trader performance for clients with VIP accounts.
  • Regular trading competitions for all your clients.
  • A trading model based on the rules of pure exchange, instead of operating like a Market Maker broker.
  • It has an affiliate program that allows you to earn money promoting your services as a broker.


After detailing each point about XTB and IQ Option, it is valid to mention that XTB still has important factors to improve to be at the level of the brokers that are considered as his direct competition. The fact of having a regulation that can be confusing, the limitations in your Demo account, your withdrawal fees, not offering Islamic accounts, providing negative balance protection only as a Professional Client, among other aspects that were mentioned in this review.

In the same way, this broker still lacks a more attractive offer of assets, since it does not offer a differential factor with other brokers in the market, taking into account that by offering assets such as stocks and investment funds such as cash ETFs, it increases largely the risk for traders.

Finally, after carrying out a detailed review on this broker, it is concluded that it is not advisable to operate with this intermediary, so starting operations with XTB is exclusively at your own discretion and responsibility.

This means that we would definitely choose the IQ Option for all types of brokers to start with because of its perfect conditions and a lot of activities to work with.

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