Looking for the best broker for trading – IQ Option vs. FXTM comparison

The modern world offers excellent opportunities for everyone. In ancient times, if you were born a peasant, blacksmith, or nobleman, then your future is predetermined.

Today you have the opportunity to gain the knowledge that you need and master the interesting profession.

All you need is the Internet and the desire to learn. Moreover, this knowledge can give you great skills that will help you make good money.

We are talking about trading currency pairs. All you need is the ability to correctly analyze the situation and make the right decision. In this case, even a small start-up capital can open the doors to the world of serious transactions and large benefits. Many companies on the Internet offer services to both professional traders and newbies. But you want the best site that offers the most benefits, right? This FXTM review vs. IQ Option comparison will tell you about the market leaders and their characteristics.

How can you make money from trading?

Why are so many users so interested in trading? Because this is a way to make good money with your mind. Brokers provide access to a certain number of assets or the Fx market, where they trade different currencies.

The value of each asset changes every minute. The trader’s task is to make a correct forecast and predict how the value will change soon. The correct forecast promises a benefit of 60 to 190%.

The main qualities of a professional are a cold mind, the ability to analyze a situation and make the right decision, taking into account all factors. And, of course, choosing the right broker. There are some of the most popular ways to make money on FXTM MT4 and IQ Option.

  • Call/Put. Trader only has to determine the direction of price movement and choose the correct expiration time. If the price rises, the Call is chosen, if it falls, the Put is chosen. If the trade closes according to the trader’s plan, he will make a good benefit.
  • Touch/No-touch. Here the broker defines some kind of boundary for the asset (above or below the current value). The trader analyzes the situation and determines whether the price will reach this value (Touch) or will not reach it (No-touch). The advantage of this method is that the trader can withdraw money without waiting for the expiration time (if the Touch is selected and the forecast is correct).
  • In/Out. In this case, the broker defines some “corridor” for the asset with the boundaries of the maximum and minimum value. The trader predicts whether the value will remain in this sector after the expiration time.
  • Spread. For a professional. Because here you need to determine not only the direction of movement of the asset value but also to guess the final value after a specified period. This method attracts users with a large percentage of benefits and the need to analyze a large number of factors.
  • Dig-opt. A method that allows a trader to do fundamental analysis. The main feature of dig-opt is a long expiration time (weeks and even months). Therefore, the user can make a correct forecast, taking into account all factors. But the percentage of benefit.
  • Turbo-opt. Big money is fast and risky. The expiration time is from 1 minute, which does not allow for complex analysis but is more like playing roulette. But here is the largest percentage of benefit, which attracts a lot of customers.
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Choosing the best broker - FXTM vs. IQ Option

We said that for the first step to financial success, you need minimum start-up capital and analytical skill. But it is also important to choose the right broker that will provide reliability and security, as well as provide an opportunity to trade as comfortably as possible. This IQ Option vs. FXTM broker review.

Segment leaders

Broker FXTM is also known as ForexTime and started its activities in 2011 from its actual headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus. Since then, FXTM has achieved rapid global growth, driven primarily by the desire to serve certain local markets with high Fx demand.

Today, the service’s clients are several million people living in dozens of countries in the Western and Eastern world.

The IQ Option service is younger, it was registered on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in 2013.

The basic principles of the company are user-friendliness, security, and guaranteed payments. These priorities quickly gained popularity.

As of 2020, more than 40 million customers are registered on the service, and the total volume of transactions in 2019 exceeded $4.5 billion.


Every user wants reliability and guarantees. The company must be real, and the earnings must be legal and not break the law. Therefore, the company must have all the necessary international licenses.

The IQ Option platform is subject to the local regulator and operates legally in dozens of countries around the world. Clients of the IQ Option exchange make good money every day and withdraw it in any convenient way.

FXTM trading platform is a global brand that operates in multiple locations around the world. Some jurisdictions require that branch offices of a company in their locations are regulated by agencies that supervise financial markets. FXTM complies with this directive in several countries and the brand is regulated as follows:

  • The brand operates in Cyprus and the EU as a Company authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) license number 185/12.
  • In South Africa, Forextime Limited is regulated by the Financial Sector Supervisory Authority (FSCA) of South Africa, FSP License No. 46614.
  • In the UK we have a d which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with license no. 777911. This regulation provides for a compensation scheme of up to £50,000 on deposits. It is regulated by the Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius with an investment dealer license with license number C113012295.

Security Service

Customer safety is one of the main factors for the user. IQ option and FXTM companies provide a high level of security and ensure that the benefits earned remain with the trader. Because account passwords, payment details, and other sensitive information are encrypted using SSL 3.0. This program uses a complex dynamic cipher that is almost impossible to break.

Moreover, when withdrawing funds, the client is obliged to provide identity documents (passport or driver’s license). Besides, the bank account is also being verified, so that a real client will receive the benefit and not a fraudster who has got hold of the account password.

Official site

It is important that trading is comfortable and convenient.

Therefore, the official IQ Option website pleases with a pleasant combination of colors, excellent design, and optimization. Here you can choose a convenient language (18 versions are available), quickly find the desired section, or go through the registration procedure. Moreover, your eyes will not get tired, which allows you to stay focused and enter into a large number of benefitable trades.

The FXTM broker website has a classic design that is less user-friendly than the IQ Option page. But a convenient layout allows you to trade comfortably and efficiently. The client can also choose one of a dozen language versions, which lowers the entry threshold for new users.

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Support service

Making your first trade is easy thanks to the convenient IQ Option and FXTM trading platforms. And in case of questions or a problem situation, the client can contact the support service. The company’s employees are available around the clock and speak several languages, so you can get expert assistance at any time. For communication with company representatives, a telephone (quick answer to questions) or e-mail (the ability to attach the necessary documents) is available.

IQ Option and FXTM exchanges care about the convenience and safety of customers.

Information you need

Trading has many different strategies, indicators for analysis, and other nuances. With the information that IQ Option and FXTM websites provide, you can become a true pro. At the bottom of the page, there is a link to a section with useful materials.

Here you can read tips from professional traders, market analysis tips, and strategy analysis. Information is a great wealth in today’s world, and FXTM and IQ Option brokers offer you access to it.

Training or IQ Option vs. FXTM demo account

Theory gives us knowledge, but without practice it is useless. Thanks to these brokers, you can train whenever you want. Each client has the opportunity to open an IQ Option or FXTM demo account and receive 10,000 virtual dollars for a deposit. This money is available for the conclusion of any transactions according to real quotes.

This approach allows you to test any strategy in practice or new advice without risking real funds. Become a true professional safely and risk-free with FXTM and IQ Option trading platforms.


The beginning of the way

Now is the time to make the first real deal and make a real benefit. This requires start-up capital.

IQ Option offers clients a minimum of $10 to deposit. This amount is enough to make 10 minimum trades ($1).

The second company has similar rules – the FXTM minimum deposit is $10, and the minimum transaction amount is $1. Anyone with only ten dollars and Internet access can start the path to financial independence.

Account replenishment and withdrawal of funds

Companies cooperate only with the most convenient and reliable payment systems.

For example, an FXTM or IQ Option client can replenish an account (the minimum limit is $10) using credit cards (Maestro, MasterCard, Visa), Blockchain or e-wallets (WebMoney, Qiwi, Neteller, Skrill).

These systems are also available for withdrawal. The minimum payout limit is $20, and the first time you need to go through the verification procedure.

Assets and trading

Trading without knowledge is a gamble with no guarantees of victory. But professional traders choose the asset, the principles of which they know. The FXTM platform offers clients access to 30 assets, including currencies, the Fx market, stocks of large companies, commodities, gold, oil, etc. IQ Option provides access to the same categories, but there are over 40 assets here. So the client has the best choice.

Flexible settings

It is important to determine the entry point in time and purchase the asset at the best price. To do this, you must constantly have access to information.

FXTM and IQ Option have a wide variety of opportunities.

Each client of the service can add to the chart those signals and indicators that he needs. This way, you can get information at the right time and make your path to success more productive.

IQ Option and FXTM app

Modern technologies allow you to trade in any convenient place. You can download the IQ Option or FXTM trader app for PC, iOS, or Android and run it from your phone or tablet.

The application has full site functionality and is perfectly optimized. These characteristics allow us to guarantee stable operation even with a bad signal.

Robot for automated trading

The sites allow clients to activate the automated trading opportunities. All you need to do is download the FXTM MT4 or IQ Option software. Next, you need to set up algorithms and specify a stop-loss (allows you to minimize losses in case of a bad deal).

Now the program will thoroughly analyze the market, offer the best deals, and close them with millisecond precision. And the main thing is to work 24/7. Earn money around the clock by trading with IQ Option and FXTM brokers.

Additional benefits

They also offer special opportunities for clients. For example, a new FXTM client receives a welcome gift ($20), which allows them to enter into trades without making a deposit.

IQ Option holds free and paid tournaments for traders, where there are valuable prizes for leaders. There are even free tournaments with real prize money.

Premium account

IQ Option or FXTM companies are always able to offer customers more. For example, a premium account gives the user additional opportunities: increased benefitability on transactions, priority when paying out money, help from a personal manager, access to special tournaments.

These are the opportunities that will help you achieve success.

The benefit you need

IQ Option and FXTM brokers allow clients to earn good money. The percentage of benefit from successful transactions on the platform ranges from 60 (Fx) to 190% (Turbo-opt).

Moreover, according to statistics, there is a large percentage of professional users who have made trading their main way of making money.

Strive for success with trusted brokers.

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