BDSwiss vs. IQ Option comparison

Get a maximum of advantages – BDSwiss vs. IQ Option comparison

Each person strives to find freedom and progress. But sometimes circumstances and other factors are a serious obstacle on the way. For example, we spend more than a third of our lives at work, and many people live from paycheck to paycheck, unable to realize their dreams. But an active and intelligent person will always find opportunities to break out of this circle. Moreover, the modern world offers a large number of possibilities.

You can make good money with your mind. Trading can generate excellent benefits. Many users made it their main form of income and were able to achieve financial success. The first correct step towards realizing your potential is choosing a quality broker that can offer all the necessary benefits and ensure maximum security. In this review, we will introduce BD Swiss and IQ Option companies, which will provide you with useful information and make the right decision.

Trading that works for you

What is the main principle of trading and the broker’s task? The task of each platform is to provide the client with access to the trading platform where assets are bought and sold. These can be stocks of companies, currency pairs in the Fx market. The value of each asset changes every second. By following the “sell high, buy low” principle, you can make good benefits.

The average percentage of benefit on a successful trade is about 90%. The main advantage is that the trader earns through his mind. All that is needed for success is the ability to analyze the situation and make the right decision. Even the minimum capital allows you to achieve financial success in the segment that interests you. IQ Option and BDSwiss Metatrader 4 offer the most interesting ones.

  • Call/Put. Considered classic. The main task of the user is to analyze the situation and decide how the asset value will change. He chooses “Call” if it will grow and “Put” if it will fall. The correct forecast brings a good benefit (about 80%).
  • In/Out. Imagine that there are special boundaries above and below the current value of an asset (conditionally +10 and -10 points). The trader conducts a qualitative analysis and seeks to predict whether the asset price will remain within these boundaries or leave them. If the “In” remains, if it leaves – the “Out”.
  • Touch/No-Touch. There is a certain border above or below the current value of the asset. In this case, the trader must determine whether the price will reach the specified value (Touch) or will not reach it (No-Touch). This method has another advantage. If the “Touch” is selected and the condition is met, the trader can take benefit before the end of the expiration time.
  • Spread. A tool for professionals. Because here the trader must not only determine the direction of price movement but also understand what kind of asset value will be after a certain period. If the forecast is correct, he makes an excellent benefit.
  • Turbo. With a good benefit, but a lot of risks. Because here the expiration time is very small (a few minutes). The user cannot carry out fundamental analysis, so a lot depends on chance. But a benefit of 160-180% attracts a lot of customers.
  • Digital. This is more suitable for those players who prefer reliability. The percentage of benefit is not so high here, but the long expiration time (from a week to a month) allows fundamental analysis and a high-quality forecast. Perhaps this is a tool for professional traders who strive to make money over a long period.
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Choosing the Right Broker - IQ Option vs. BDSwiss review

Now is the time to move from theory to practice. Today, each user can start the path to success, only two factors are needed: Internet access and minimum start-up capital. Besides, you need the support of a quality and reliable broker that can offer the greatest number of benefits. This BDSwiss and IQ Option review will help you make the right choice.

A brief history of the company

The IQ Option service began operations in 2013, having passed the registration procedure on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The main priority of the company was to care for the convenience of users, to ensure the maximum level of security, and to provide a large number of tools to each client. Thanks to these features, the platform has become very popular and has earned an excellent reputation among traders. Today, there are several million users of the service, and every year deals worth more than a billion dollars are concluded here.

BDSwiss broker has become known to traders since 2011. The official registered address of the company is Cyprus, but the firm has several offices around the world. It offers clients CFD trading on any asset (currencies, stocks, and more).

The main advantages of the platform are convenience, professional support service, and a stylish official website.

Availability of licenses

In 2013, BDSwiss was licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. It has offices in Cyprus and Germany and is popular in Europe. BDSwiss LLC is approved and registered with the US National Futures Association (NFA), BDSwiss Holding PLC itself is approved and licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission CYSEC (EU), and BDS Markets is approved and regulated as an investment dealer by the FSC in 2016 – all of them are the BDSwiss group of companies.

IQ Option is also a licensed company. It received all the necessary licenses in 2013, which makes it possible to legally provide services in many countries of the world. Moreover, the company has earned a reputation for being an extremely reliable platform. Therefore, traders can make good money here without fear of deception, and their benefits will be legal.


This factor is a priority for companies and potential users – there are many BDSwiss reviews on the Internet, where customers are interested in this information. We will say that the support service on the sites works around the clock, and any suspicious activity is quickly identified and blocked.

SSL 3.0 with a complex dynamic code allows you to reliably protect your data (account passwords, transaction history, payment information, etc.). Besides, each client undergoes verification and confirms accounts at the first withdrawal of funds – this ensures that the money is received by the user, and not by a fraudster.

Support service

Another important factor. BDSwiss and IQ Option companies care about the convenience of their customers, so the site also has a professional support service.

A user faced with a problematic situation can contact the company’s employees via telephone (for a quick response) or e-mail (by attaching documents to the letter).

The security service is professional and speaks several languages, so the assistance will be as qualified as possible.

Official site

Due to the high-quality design and excellent functionality of the pages, the entry threshold for BDSwiss and IQ Option clients is low. The pleasant color scheme does not tire the eyes and allows you to maintain concentration even after a long time.

Moreover, an excellent layout will allow you to quickly find the desired section, register, select an asset, and conclude the first benefitable deal. The path to success becomes more comfortable and convenient thanks to the BDSwiss and IQ Option platforms.

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Access to the information

A high-quality broker creates the best conditions for users and worries about his clients becoming true professionals. At the bottom of the sites, you can find a link to the information section.

It contains advice from real professionals, analysis of the best strategies, and other information useful for IQ Option and BDSwiss Metatrader clients. Access to useful information will allow you to gain better knowledge and make your trading more efficient.

Training - IQ Option vs. BDSwiss demo

Another important point that allows you to gain practical knowledge without risking real money. You can open an IQ Option or BDSwiss demo account and get 10,000 virtual dollars on your deposit. The money is used to conclude transactions in selected assets or the Fx market according to real quotes.

There is no real benefit in this case, but you gain invaluable experience and can try any available strategy, check the best signals or indicators. At the same time, losses from unsuccessful transactions will also not be real. The IQ Option and BDSwiss platforms offer you to become real professionals and learn all the secrets of trading without the risk of losing real money.


Start-up capital

If you decide to move from theory to practice and start making real benefits, then you need start-up capital.

IQ Option offers the best conditions for the client. The minimum deposit is $10 and the minimum trade size is $1. Moreover, thanks to leverage, you can conduct large trades on Fx or trade other assets.

BDSwiss service has a higher entry threshold. To start trading here, you need to replenish a deposit of $200 or more. The company’s clients get the opportunity to conclude deals with a minimum rate of $5, and the maximum transaction limit is $1,500.

Payment systems

Replenishment of the deposit will be as comfortable and safe as possible because companies cooperate only with reliable payment systems.

BDSwiss customers can use a credit card or e-wallet Sofort, Neteller, Skrill, PaySafe, WebMoney. The minimum deposit is $200, payments – $100.

IQ Option offers more convenient opt. These are credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro), e-wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, Qiwi), and Blockchain.

The minimum limit for payments is $20, and for the first time you need to go through the verification procedure (you will need to provide documents: a passport or driver’s license to security personnel). Payment processing takes several days.

Available assets

Trading without knowledge is a gamble with no guarantees of victory. But professional traders choose the asset, the principles of which they know. The BDSwiss platform offers clients access to 30 assets, including currencies, BDSwiss Fx, stocks of large companies, commodities, gold, oil, etc. IQ Option provides access to the same categories, but the number of assets is over 40. So the client has the best choice.


This is one of the main factors when choosing a broker. IQ Option allows clients to make great money. Benefitability from transactions ranges from 45 to 190% (depending on the selected asset). Therefore, even a few successful forecasts a day can bring good money.

In BDSwiss, benefitability can reach up to 85%, while losses from losses are partially reimbursed in the amount of 5-10% of the size of the investment itself. This is what sets BDSwiss apart from other brokers. Here, if you win, you have a lot, and if you lose, you do not lose everything.

Convenient settings

Trading should be as convenient as possible – this allows you to make the right decision in time, determine the entry point to a deal, or sell an asset with maximum benefit.

Therefore, IQ Option and BDSwiss sites offer clients a wide range of flexible settings. The client can add to the chart those signals and indicators that are important to him.

So he will receive the necessary information on time and will be able to increase the productivity of trading.

Mobile trading app

Thanks to modern technology, you can trade anywhere you have internet.

The platforms offer a well-optimized app that works with all phones or tablets (iOS and Android).

The application has excellent functionality and provides stable operation even with a weak Internet.

Automated trading

Another important advantage of professional platforms is the connecting a robot. The client can download the BDSwiss or IQ Option automatic trading program, configure it (set parameters, stop loss indicators, etc.) and connect it to the site. Now the algorithm will analyze the market, suggest the best trades, and even trade while you sleep, closing trades on time.

Earn money 24/7 with the IQ Option and BDSwiss trading platform.

Features and special offers

A professional company is always able to offer more. For example, IQ Option regularly hosts paid and free tournaments with large prize pools. The task of the participant (who received 1000 virtual dollars to the account) is to get the maximum benefit within a certain period.

Such tournaments are an opportunity to test your strength and the level of professionalism, as well as get additional benefit.

Premium account

IQ Option and BDSwiss platforms offer to purchase a premium account. It gives the user additional opt.: increased benefitability on transactions, priority when paying money, help from a personal manager, access to special tournaments. These are the opportunities that will help you achieve success.

Start your journey to success with a quality and reliable broker, choose BDSwiss or IQ Option trading platform.

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