Olymp Trade Review in India.

What is Olymp Trade?

Olymp Trade, an international internet trading platform, joined the financial sector at the end of 2014.
Support for the trading platform is accessible in all ten languages, which can be found on the broker’s website; it is also possible to get its services in India. In the early half of September 2014, the website olymptrade.com became live. Olymp Trade offers customers beneficial trading conditions, service, and cutting-edge software.

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The brand has gotten a few honors, including:

  • Fastest Growing Broker at ShowFx World 2016.
  • Best Trading Platform at Le Fonti 2016
  • Best Broker at the Expo 2017,
  • Best Financial Broker at the CPA Life Awards 2017,

As one of the more well known agents available, Olymp Trade offers a simple UI, extraordinary client care and a lot of alternatives to figure out how the business sectors work.

Is Olymp Trade safe?

Preceding this, we’ve shown you that Olymp Trade is an approved and regulated firm. Along these lines, we’ll go through a couple of different themes identified with purchaser security. To guarantee the security of your record, you should initially approve your telephone number and your profile.

Client reserves are held in European banks that are likewise appropriately managed. Olymp Trade solely acknowledges managed installment techniques, like online wallets, Visas, and bank exchanges, for deposits and withdrawals. Your capital isn’t utilized for supporting or estimating by the merchant. There’s no compelling reason to stress over.

You might initiate two-factor verification to make your record safer. As soon as you sign into your record, you’ll get a check number through SMS, or you might use the Google Authentication application. When enacted, it will keep programmers from getting to your record.

Thus, we can approve that the Olymp Trade broker is completely safe to cooperate with.

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How to trade in Olymp Trade?

Now, let’s get acquainted with the processes of Olymp Trade trading itself.

Olymp Trade offers perhaps the most effective exchanging techniques that has demonstrated to chip away at most of the exchanging stages. This technique empowers the trader to make expectations on the various sorts of business sectors or resources accessible on the platform. On the off chance that you decide to exchange on monetary standards, you are basically needed to tap on the rise or fall heading to make your expectations. You will discover an exchanging diagram on the left half of your screen and a few added components like specialized markers and investigation.

Also, at the lower part of the screen, you will discover a trading history that will empower you to have a speedy outline of the market position with its first impression. In any case, before you effectively lead any exchange, you should open a record. Regardless of whether it’s a demo account or a genuine account, you should sign in and register as a part.

Account types of Olymp Trade

Before you choose to open a record at Olymp Trade, you should realize that there are two kinds of record accessible. You can either decide to open a demo account or a standard record. We should take a look and discover the primary distinction.

A free demo account is accessible to all enlisted clients. In demo mode, you can see graphs of resources, make exchanges, notwithstanding, rather than genuine assets, you will utilize virtual cash. The utilization of the demo account isn’t restricted on schedule. Also, if your equilibrium dips under 5000 units, you can without much of a stretch recharge it to the underlying $10,000 in only a couple of snaps. The exchanging climate is indistinguishable from that on a genuine record.

Olymp Trade registration
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A live trading account can be enacted with just $10. Olymp Trade offers different advantages for your genuine exchanging account. You can change or status for a higher one in the event that you top up your total with $500, $2000, or more. Higher accounts will permit you to get various advantages for brokers, view the examination table:

Olymp Trade account types

You ought to think about these safeguard measures:

Customers are restricted from making different records without a moment’s delay. For this situation, specialized help claims all authority to impede every one of your records.

You can withdraw funds just a single time, so be cautious with regards to this issue. This chance opens up to clients during the enrollment of the record.

On the off chance that a broker begins to make dangerous exchanges, for instance, using scalping, extra limitations might be forced on him. This safety measure is transitory and just keeps going for a couple of hours.

Olymp Trade permits you to partake in certain advantages when you contribute greater totals. In this manner, on the off chance that you enact a VIP account, you will get an expert advisor available to you. This alternative is an ideal chance to get select guidance on monetary business sectors. To turn into a proprietor of a record with cutting edge highlights, you should put aside an installment of $2000 and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

On signing up for the broker account you will have access to a free demo record. A genuine trading account may be opened using one of three distinct types of accounts. They are called “Statuses.” The following is a list of the available record types:


This account is the most fundamental sort of record. It becomes initiated for you as soon as you top up the base reasonable total of $10. The greatest payout rate for a triumphant exchange on this record is 82%.


You’re going to have to fund at least $500 and a limit of $1,999 to secure the high level status. Advantages appended to this status include an expansion of the payout rate for fruitful exchanges to 84%, the capacity to open up to 20 exchange positions simultaneously, admittance to meeting with an individual consultant once consistently, and admittance to online courses and instructive assets.


It’s needed to make a deposit of at least $2,000. Benefits will be paid out at a rate of 92% for benefitable transactions, for example. In addition, you may create up to 30 positions, receive periodic coaching and have access to a dedicated personal analyst.

Experience points are required to advance from your ongoing status to a towering one. When you trade on a live account, you get these points.

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In correspondence with the quotation you have in your trading account, you are assigned to one of three categories, each of which has its own set of perks.

VIP account benefits

Different benefits of VIP account include:

  • Individual account manager;
  • Creating of an individual exchanging tactics;
  • Risk free exchanges;
  • Interesting online courses and expert classes from specialists;
  • Expanded benefit on exchanges from 82% to 90% on money sets.

Exclusive attributes of the Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade distinguishes out among trading platforms. Trading tools are at the top of the list for the most significant things. Clients may enhance their trading abilities by using trading tools and resources.

In addition, the education area has a wealth of information for newbies on how to make a good deal. Trading knowledge is also available in the form of a free e-book, seminars, and interactive lessons. There is no charge for this material and it just takes a few seconds to get it.

As well as “Analytics”, Olymp Trade offers another essential trading tool. There are a number of tools accessible by clicking on the Analytics link on top of their official website’s main navigation bar.

A wide range of assets are available for trading signals, including stocks, indexes and commodities. In technical analysis, trading signals are bits of information that may be used to make trading decisions. To make accurate forecasts and win deals, traders might employ signals. However, they should be aware that employing trading signals is not a certain technique to win, even though it might increase your chances of making benefitable trades substantially. As a result, Olymp provides comprehensive information on trading signals.

Is Olymp Trade legal in India?

There are no restrictions on access to Olymp Trade’s administrations except of select countries where fixed-time exchanges as commercial instruments require a special guideline or have limitations. Due to the fact that the Indian government has not put limitations on competitor Olymp Trade is far more accessible and lawful in India. It is true that the intermediary offers Indian brokers with dedicated customer service alternatives.

Olymp Trade internationally is all around managed. It is supported by FinaCom, a very much regarded controller of subordinate agents. Be that as it may, Olymp Trade isn’t enlisted with or controlled by any Indian government monetary administrative organization like the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

This implies that in the event of a violation, no Indian entity may intervene or permit Olymp Trade to intervene. Nevertheless, this is nothing to worry about, since Olymp Trade has been certified as a trustworthy agency by a number of different administrative organisations.

When trading on Olymp Trade, what markets will you be able to access In Olymp Trade, you may use double to predict the direction of resource costs reported on the world’s most important financial markets:

  • Currencies
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • ETFs

It shows up there are no individual stocks to exchange on Olymp Trade, nonetheless.

How to deposit money in Olymp Trade from India?

To make a deposit or withdrawal, you should use an e-wallet if you want to deal quickly on this site. Use these services only after you have verified that your trading account is valid and up to date. Below is a list of their payment options, along with their minimum and maximum payment limitations for each method.

Payment methodMaximum limitProcessing time
VisaNo limit24 hours
NetellerNo limit24 hours
SkrillNo limit24 hours
WebmoneyNo limit1-5 business days
QiwiNo limit1-5 business days
Wire TransferNo limit1-5 business days

How to withdraw money from Olymp Trade?

Payment methodMaximum limitProcessing time
Visa$10,00024 hours
Neteller$10,00024 hours
Skrill$10,00024 hours
Webmoney$10,0001-5 business days
Qiwi$10,0001-5 business days
Bank Transfer$10,0001-5 business days

In India, Olymp Trade is lawful, and there are no boycotts or restrictions. Olymp Trade is a well-organized business with a large number of clients. In the monetary business sectors, the platform gives you the possibility to bring in cash.

A great merchant makes your exchanging direction a lot simpler. Trading and fixed-time exchanges is still one of the most productive ways to generate money online in India. This is where Olymp Trade comes in.

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The Olymp Trade platform

In real time, you may trade a wide variety of assets on Olymp Trade’s trading platform straight from your web browser. A deeper look at product components will help us evaluate whether or not it is worth trading on Olymp Trade in the first place.

Olymp makes an emphasis precisely on trading, thus this sort of financial contract is the most popular on the site.

Trading platform has a unique blend of simplicity, functionality, and transaction accuracy. Users enter the platform’s main window after registering successfully, as illustrated in the picture below:

Olymp Trade Platform

It’s easy to see by looking at the screenshot that the interface is clean and effortless to use. It is possible to display the chart of the selected asset as lines, candlesticks or bars, and to overlay it with more than ten prominent technical indicators, such as MACD and Bollinger Bands.

A very recognised and conventional interface for the business can be seen on the right side of the platform window. There is a section underneath the chart where you can see the current open transactions, as well as a history of all the previous orders. A free webinar or VIP status application can also be found there (this requires you to meet certain limits set by the company itself).

In the trade charts tabs, you may open a separate full-screen for comprehensive technical analysis by clicking on the “technical analysis” button in the ribbon. By default, it all opens in a new browser tab.

As far as we can tell, Olymp Trade has done all in its power to provide the finest possible trading platform for both novices and experienced investors.

Olymp Trade App

Olymp Trade app

Aware of the significance of technology in the technology age, Olymp Trade offers a nice mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. This programme is mostly the same as its desktop counterpart, but it contains a number of add-ons that increase its accessibility and reactivity.

Support for customers

In Olymp Trade, this is considered as one of the most useful aspects. In addition to email and help forums, you may also reach them by phone and many other methods. 24/7 by email, phone, or live chat. As long as you are a client of Olymp Trade, you may be assured that they will hit you back within a few minutes.

There are several methods to contact a customer service representative:

  • Olymp Trade has a toll-free number 000-8000-402-044 that you may use to reach them. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Send an email to [email protected] for a response within 24 hours.
  • On the Help page, click on the Open Chat icon to start a live chat session with an online consultant.
  • Using the online contact form on the Support page, you may contact a customer service representative. Before clicking on the blue Contact Us button, enter your first and last name, email, message, and phone number.
  • YouTube and Facebook are also in touch, and you also can reach the support.


starting point for novice traders and offers various parameters for professionals. Also, the undoubted advantages of this broker include round-the-clock technical support, up-to-date training materials for traders and the availability of trading tools, which you could estimate on the https://olymptrade.com/.

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