eToro has operational license for EU by CySEC, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in UK, by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission in Australia . It is are also covered by the FCA’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) in UK.

Traders are safe as eToro strictly abides all rules set by those authorities.

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eToro has been one of the leading trading platforms for trade contracts with differences, social and copies since 2007. In general you can invest in more than 1500 different assets and markets. Since 2017, the range has also been expanded to include new currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and more coin-currencies. The eToro brand is supported by an innovative Israely fintech company that wants to differentiate itself clearly from other suppliers, inventing the best trading platform.

Broker is internationally active and therefore has many branches. In Europe, the head office is located in Cyprus, and in the UK there is another office. Since 2007, the company has a complete history with many innovations and functions that improve trading for the trader.

eToro is not just an ordinary broker, but offers many other opportunities for investing in financial markets. As a trader, you can, for example, copy other traders or become a signal yourself. Investing in large CopyFunds is also very easy. Thanks to good company data and offers for traders, eToro makes a good first impression on me.

eToro: trade terms

With eToro you can trade more than 1500 different assets. These include currencies, commodities, metals, shares, ETF and coin-currency. Assets may be traded either under differential contracts (CFDs) or as a real value (real shares). The maximum leverage of up to 1:400 (ASIC) international and 1:30 (CySEC) in the EU is available to CFDs that can allow higher benefits or losses. It is important to know that there is negative balance-sheet protection. Thus, you cannot lose more than your deposit in eToro.

Spreads (trade fees — The difference between the purchase and sale price) is very acceptable on eToro. Especially in the area of coin-currency, the supplier is far ahead when it comes to low fees. Currencies can be traded with variable 3.0 pips spread. With levered positions of fees for the night can lead which are clearly communicated to the trader.

If you are looking for a broker with a huge offer, you came to the right place. Another advantage is the social and feature of copy trading. Talk to other traders in a news feed, for example, and share your analysis. Other traders can also be copied for free. Find a trader who has been making a profit for some time and convert its tradeline 1 to 1. Different portfolios are also available for investment in eToro. It contains a special selection of assets, which are divided according to the level of risk.

Broker nameeToro
Founded at2007
HeadquartersLimassol, Cyprus
London, United Kingdom
Tel Aviv, Israel
OwnereToro Ltd
Account currencyUSD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CHF
Mobile tradingSite mobile version + iOs\Android apps
Operating mode24/7
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The choice of market or asset is relatively simple. You can, for example, search for a specific market using the search bar. Marquets has different categories that are assigned to markets. This makes it easier to choose exorbitantly. eToro provides important information directly in this market selection. You can view the latest performance and current prices. In addition, investment decisions of other traders are displayed.

The checklist is a powerful tool for each trader, and not every broker offers this function. At eToro you can choose markets that you will find interesting and where you can invest later.

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