Binomo India review 2021. Is Binomo Safe? Everything you need before singing up


Binomo is a trading platform that has been around since 2014. The company takes a customer-centric strategy, providing dependable trading conditions, strong analytical capabilities, and its own user-friendly interface.

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Operations with OTC financial instruments are associated with significant risks.

Users are given access to the advanced Binomo trading platform with current functionality as well as a collection of tools required for efficient trade. Aside from a positive user reputation, there is proof of the company’s dependability.

We will offer the Binomo broker review below, in which we will expose concerns such as account types, demo account, broker regulation, and so on.

The table below contains brief Binomo review with all the main details.

Broker nameBinomo
Founded at2014
HeadquartersFirst Floor, First St Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown, St.Vincent and the Grenadines
OwnerDolphin Corp
AssetsCurrency: IDX


Precious metals


Currency pairs: EUR/MXN, CHF/JPY, EUR/HUF, EUR/USD etc.

Indicators on platform14
Account currencyUSD, EUR
Expiration time60 sec — 1 hour
Mobile tradingSite mobile version + iOsAndroid apps
Operating modeRegular, on holidays are only available coin-currency assets and holiday assets
Tournaments/contestsChampion, Victory, Week, Weekend, Daily free
Additional featuresReferral program

Positive and negative aspects of Binomo broker

In this Binomo review, let us consider the positive and negative sides of this brokerage agent.

Binomo offers several benefits over other trading brokers due to its great reputation. However, if you do a comprehensive examination, you can find less significant but still drawbacks of this broker.

Strengths of Binomo tradingBinomo trading weaknesses
Trading terms that are trustworthy and loyalOwners of VIP accounts are the only ones who get a personal manager.
Strict regulationsOnly merchants from the United States and a few European countries have access.
Their own trading platformIn comparison to some of its competitors, Binomo has a smaller asset portfolio to trade.
Excellent block for training
Account replenishment methods that are simple to use
Bonus programs are available.
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Binomo, among other things, provides excellent customer care and a support crew that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The website also has a part with solutions to the most often asked questions – the Binomo support center. If your question is not addressed in this section, you can always reach out to a support professional.

Even if you do not trade on Binomo, you can still contact the support staff if you have some queries or wish to create an account. You may also obtain assistance in a variety of languages.

We also contacted support service to get answers to several of our questions while writing this Binomo review.

Binomo trading account types

This part of Binomo review is dedicated to trading accounts.

Binomo provides clients of selecting one of the following live accounts:

  • Standard
  • Gold
  • VIP

Each account type is described in further detail below.

Binomo Account Types

Account Types:


You will be issued a Standard account as your initial active account type when you trade with Binomo. When you make a minimum deposit of $10, you will be granted access to this basic account.

This is the fundamental level, from which you may access all of the platform’s features. With Binomo account you may play tournaments, trade in the actual market, and withdraw money from the system. You may be eligible for a payout of up to 85%.

You will, however, miss out on certain advantages. The weekly cashback program is one of them. Furthermore, you do not have access to some advantages like as incentives or premium customer assistance.


The first investment is $500. The number of assets to trade with Binomo now stands at 38.

This account has all of the same features as the Standard account with extended benefits. With a Gold account, your maximum payout increases to 86 percent if your Binomo trade is successful, and you get a personal account manager as well as access to unique trading methods.

In addition, you get access to a cashback program. On a weekly basis, you will be paid a 5% cashback. Furthermore, withdrawals are processed more quickly. Instead of waiting several days, as is normally the case with a Standard account type, you may obtain a withdrawal in as little as 24 hours.

You also have access to the Gold Tournament, a sort of Binomo trading tournament in which you may earn large rewards. Finally, you can receive up to a 90% bonus on your deposits. To have access to the Gold account, you must first deposit at least $500 into your Binomo trading account.

You will, however, be missing out on a number of things. Welcome bonuses and customer service are examples of this.


It is opened with a deposit of at least $1,000. The consumer receives the most prestigious benefits and specialized premium service.

This is the most advanced Binomo trading account, with the most valuable features. As it was already said in this Binomo review, VIP account provides you with some special benefits.

For one thing, you have access to a potential reward of 87 percent on successful transactions. You are also eligible for weekly cashback of up to 10%.

A VIP account also comes with additional special benefits on top of all of this. The first is that professional customer care is available around the clock, 365 days a year, and it’s free!

You can also work with tailored and specialized account managers. The account, as well as several additional advantages and privileges. These include access to VIP tournaments (with prizes of up to $40,000) and deposit bonuses of up to 100%.

Binomo demo account

It is advisable to study a company’s demo account before trading in a real account when selecting an online broker. With a sample account, you may test the platform and see if it has all of the tools and features you want from Binomo online trading broker.

You may use a demo account to try out a product before buying it. You may acquire a sense of the platform’s transaction protocols and user interface layout by doing so. A trustworthy broker would provide customers the opportunity of using a free demo account to trade practice, which Binomo does.

Traders may use Binomo’s demo account to practice techniques and get a feel for the platform. Simply provide your email address to earn $1,000 in virtual money when you sign up for a demo account.These risk-free funds will help you to determine whether Binomo trading suits your demands. If not, declining is easier than closing an account in which you’ve already invested.

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Binomo's minimum deposit

Binomo online trading is the activity of forecasting future price movements of assets listed on financial markets and trade in response to such projections. If someone predicts that the price of a commodity, such as crude oil, will decline, a suitable transaction (SELL) can be performed to match that prediction. Binomo trading is done on an up or down basis, which is why it is called Binomo online trading.

Quick facts about Binomo trading deposits:

  • A minimum deposit of $10 is required to use the service.
  • A wide range of currencies are accepted.
  • A number of payment methods are available (depending on your country)
  • There are no additional fees or charges.
  • Deposits are made in a timely and secure manner.

Top up and withdrawal methods

Clients of the broker can utilize the following methods to deposit or withdraw funds from their accounts:

  • Visa and MasterCard credit cards
  • Qiwi
  • Yandex.Money.
  • Neteller
  • AlfaClick
  • WebMoney
  • e-payments
  • Coin-currencies and many others.
Binomo Payment Methods

Based on the feedback we’ve received regarding Binomo online trading, we can confidently state that these ways of funding a trading account or moving funds to one of the wallets listed above are more than adequate for productive and enjoyable work.

Is Binomo a scam or legit?

Many traders who are only getting acquainted with Binomo trading, are mindful about this query. The following details are provided to reassure you that Binomo is a legitimate brokerage with a well-established reputation.

Dolphin Corp, based at First Floor, St. Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, VG, is in charge of the firm.

This broker has a presence in over 133 countries and is well-known for allowing you to start trading with a little amount of money. Since 2015, the firm has received several medals and accolades. Furthermore, Binomo fosters a strong relationship between the firm and its merchants. Based on our personal experience, it is a genuine company to invest with.

Binomo was elected as a Category A member of the independent International Financial Commission, which deals with dispute settlement, in 2018. FinaCom oversees trustworthy brokers, blockchain firms, investment platforms, and technology suppliers.

The regulator is in charge of conflict settlement. A trader can submit a complaint if he has a disagreement with a broker. The Financial Commission, on average, takes a week to review an application before making a judgment. If the trader is found to be right but the firm refuses to carry it out, the regulator will compensate the trader up to 20,000 euros.

The Verify My Trade (VMT) execution audit of Binomo broker was likewise successful.

Binomo Certificate

Summary of safety trade of Binomo:

  • Client money are secured up to a total of 20.000 €. This is a compensation fund that compensates you for the amount you owe. If your broker were to go bankrupt, the fund would protect you.
  • Traders have access to an impartial and international tribunal. You can contact the IFC if you have any issues with the broker.
  • Fast Service and Assistance – you will receive prompt service and support from the IFC. Employees may be found in any country.

Platform for Binomo online trading

Binomo’s official website is a handy trading platform. Short- and long-term trends can be evaluated using timeframes ranging from 5 seconds to a month. Price movement may be forecasted with the aid of available indicators and graphical analysis tools.

There are a variety of indicators available. The terminal includes 14 indicators, including trend indicators and oscillators, for easy Binomo online trading. For each of them, external and technological features may be modified. There are also pitchforks, lines, Fibonacci levels, and other charting tools.

Binomo online trading training center

In this block of Binomo review, lets talk about learning.

Training blocks on binomo

It is not necessary to scour the Internet for material about Binomo trading in order to learn the fundamentals of the trade. The broker provides all materials free of charge. Beginners are recommended to go from basic to advanced training by following the steps outlined. On the broker’s official website’s “Training” section, even non-registered users may watch video courses, learn new terminology, and obtain answers to frequently asked issues.

Beginner traders may use Binomo to get all of the tools they need to improve their trading skills.

They include:

  • a demo account
  • video courses
  • webinars
  • customer support available 24 hours a day

Do not believe that training is only for novices. The ability to renew their expertise within the platform, according to experienced traders, considerably simplifies the Binomo trading process.

  • Video tutorials

Even unregistered users may access the Bimono website’s video lessons, which are completely free. A new trader should acquaint oneself with the site’s capabilities before creating an account. As a result of this, users are unable to put their newly acquired skills to the test the new Binomo online trading platform.

  • Trading Terms Glossary

Professional terminology are frequently utilized in video lessons and while dealing with the support service, which might be confusing to novices. That’s why Binomo review and comply a comprehensive glossary of words and made it freely available.

  • Strategies and a knowledge base

The “Strategies” page not only allows you to acquaint yourself with their titles, but it also explains in non-technical language what actions would assist traders of various degrees of experience in making a benefit. As a result, Binomo recommends using a flat or trend approach for novices, as well as trading on the night news.

  • Webinars at Binomo

Answers to queries, guidance, and Binomo online trading are all seamlessly integrated within the platform. Yet Binomo has gone even a step further and begun hosting webinars for traders. You may gain a lot of useful information and create your own Binomo trading strategy while watching a live broadcast.

harts and strategic tools, on the other hand, can still please the more experienced investor.

We believe the above Binomo review was found very useful for making a decision when choosing Binomo trading platform as a broker to trust your investments.

Final thoughts

Final thoughts
We offer you a short rundown of what we’ve learned thus far from this review.

Binomo has a lot of features and tools that make it a practical and user-friendly platform for many traders and investors that want to trade online. Binomo has plenty to offer every trader, regardless of their trade skill level.

Its user-friendly mobile Binomo app is especially convenient, and with a $10 minimum deposit, even rookie traders who aren’t quite ready to delve into the world of Binomo online trading may give it a try with little to no risk.

Its charts and strategic tools, on the other hand, can still please the more experienced investor.

We believe the above Binomo review was found very useful for making a decision when choosing Binomo trading platform as a broker to trust your investments.

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