This article provides a complete Ayrex broker review. The strengths and weaknesses, the types of accounts provided by the broker, and the minimum deposit amount are discussed.

Ayrex broker: pros and cons overview

Ayrex review Broker characteristics

Broker nameAyrex
Founded at2014
HeadquartersOffice 590, Suites 5 Horsford’s Business Center, Long Point Rd, Charlestown
OwnerAdvanced Technologies Ltd

Currency pairs


Account currencyUSD
Expiration time300 sec — 30 min
Mobile tradingSite mobile version + Android app
Operating modeWorkdays

Ayrex is an online broker owned by Advanced Technologies Limited. The company is headquartered in St. Kitts and Nevis. Their registered address is Office 590, Suites 5 Horsford’s Business Center, Long Point Rd, Charlestown. Established in 2014, Ayrex is not yet fully regulated by any financial body in the world. However, at the time of writing, Ayrex reports that they are waiting for official recognition and regulation by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Ayrex is one of the few brokers that we can say are famous for transparency as part of their business model. Traders have all the information they need to know before deciding to invest their money in the firm. For example, all the information about the bonuses you will earn on your deposits is explicitly stated on their website. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on the website, you can easily get it from one of their representatives by phone, chat or email.

Ayrex review pros and cons:

Pros Ayrex account:Cons Ayrex account:
A large selection of training materials;The educational resources that Ayrex offers are quite modest
A large selection of training materials
Availability of bonuses
A high level of user protection;
Use of modern technologies

Compared to competing online brokers, the educational resources that Ayrex offers are quite modest. New traders can get information on various pages, including a FAQ and glossary. They also provide updated news as well as an economic calendar, which can come in handy when planning your trades. Despite the lack of many educational resources, the platform is well designed and easy to learn.

Ayrex has been growing steadily since its launch. The website is built on specialised software, making it very fast for placing your trades. You don’t have to worry about losing out on a trade simply because the platform is slow. Ayrex also offers a free demo account. This makes it easy to practice trading without investing any real money. You don’t have to go through any tedious registration process to access the demo account.

Ayrex Broker website

Ayrex minimum deposit

It is usually recommended that you deposit a small amount before you make certain trades. The minimum amount you can deposit and exchange on the Ayrex platform is $1,000. So you don’t have to worry about having tens or even hundreds of dollars held in your trading account while you test the platform.

Ayrex is one of the few online brokers that offer instant payment processing. This feature comes in handy when you want to make a quick buck.

Some traders have reported cash within hours of submitting their withdrawal requests. What’s more, Ayrex does not charge withdrawal fees, which means you get all your benefits.

After registering on the platform in question and opening an account, novice traders can use the training materials on the website to at least become familiar with the terminology. To test your knowledge and the potential of this web resource, experienced traders recommend working with a free demo account.

On the Ayrex trading platform, the assets and stocks of big companies are of great interest to experienced traders, but this doesn’t mean that a new user should follow the same strategy.

Ayrex Official website

To fund your account on the platform, you can use

  • bank transfer;
  • electronic payment systems;
  • Bank cards (debit/credit).

Withdrawal of earned funds is carried out according to the same scheme. One of the main drawbacks of this trading platform is the long period of time needed to transfer funds from the trader’s account to his card / e-wallet (sometimes this simple procedure takes up to 10 days!). Perhaps, this flaw of the platform creators was the reason for the negative Ayrex review clients.

Available types

Experienced users of Ayrex see the following rules:

  • Above-Low. In this case, the user has to specify an upper/lower value of the chosen asset, which will be set after opening the trade. Among experienced traders this type of opt. is very popular.
  • One touch. Trader sets the value of the underlying asset, expecting to earn on changes in value of the selected resource.
  • One Minute Trades. A very risky opt., which is designed to change the value of assets based on short-term price fluctuation forecasts.
  • Barrier opt. The trader sets a certain level of the value of the asset, expecting its price to reach the desired value.

The Ayrex broker offers acceptable trading conditions to its clients. The minimum deposit is $25, the maximum benefit payable on a trade is usually around 75-78% and depends on the specific trading instrument. The minimum bet is $5.

The broker provides its own platform, Ayrex Trading Software, for trading. The terminal is not too different from other brokers’ platforms, but it is nevertheless easy to work with.

On the left side of the trading area you will see a price chart for the currently selected asset. The time frame can be changed and there are buttons to take the trader back to specific points on the timeline, for example to an updated quote. Users can zoom in and out to display larger or smaller timeframes.

The right side of the platform contains trading buttons.

Perhaps if the platform had the ability to trade multiple assets simultaneously on one screen, the terminal would be more popular with traders.

Available Ayrex account types

The main opportunity, based on Ayrex review, that clients of brokerage companies enjoy is currency trading. Unlike buying and selling it through banks, trading has a number of undeniable advantages. Dozens of currency pairs are available, rates are more favourable, costs are lower, and, most importantly, there is an opportunity to earn at any rate, regardless of whether any of the world’s major currencies is appreciating or depreciating.

Brokerage companies can also open access to trading stocks, bonds, commodities, precious metals, coin-currencies, indices and even grain. For example, buying a ton of wheat or a kilo of silver and storing it until it becomes more expensive is too much of a hassle. In trading, the time to conduct operations of buying and selling any assets is a fraction of a second.

There are brokers who specialise in trading. In brief, for a person buying an opt. it is enough just to predict the price movement direction for the chosen period of time – whether the asset will go up or down.

Another nice possibility for clients of brokerage companies is getting a leverage. It allows conducting operations with large amounts, which a trader actually does not have. The amount of leverage may be several times or even several hundreds of times more. For example, a user with 100 dollars on the deposit and the leverage of 1:300 has the right to operate $30,000.

Ayrex broker has two types of accounts: standard and Islamic. The main difference between them is the following: the trader who has opened an Islamic account does not pay a swap fee. The minimum deposit is 25 US dollars. Betting is from 5 USD.

Ayrex broker has two types of accounts: standard and Islamic. The main difference is that a trader who has an Islamic account does not pay a swap fee.

Ayrex review on account types

Type of accountDescription
StandardMinimum deposit amounts to 25 US dollars. Betting starts from 5 USD. There are High/Low, One Touch and Turbo available. A swap is charged for the position rolled over to the next day. The number of trading instruments is more than 60;
IslamicMinimum deposit amounts to 25 USD. Rates start from 5 USD: High/Low, One Touch, Turbo. There is no swap charged for a position rolled over to the next day.

You can also open a demo account with terms and conditions identical to those on a real account. You can use a demo account to test trading strategies and trading robots.

Ayrex is a broker that focuses primarily on working with experienced traders. A small minimum deposit as well as a low minimum bet contribute to the popularity of this broker.

Ayrex Marketplace

According ayrex review, the platform is distinguished by the following

  • Ayrex has one standard account.
  • Ayrex also has a demo account with the added advantage of trading on weekends, when markets are closed.
  • The maximum yield at Ayrex is as high as 81%.
  • Trades can be made in stocks, commodities and currencies.


Ayrex has built its reputation as one of the leaders among brokers specialising in over more than five years in the market. The company has two types of accounts: standard and Islamic. It is worth noting that the broker’s website offers useful analytics and a full training course which can be accessed by any beginning trader, but unfortunately this course is only available in English.

The broker company Ayrex will be interesting first of all to traders-professionals. As for the beginners, they have the opportunity to learn the basics of trading on a demo account. Working with brokers involves more risks as the probability of losing is much higher than when trading. Having analyzed the reviews of the company’s clients in the Internet, it is possible to come to the conclusion that more than 90% of Aurex traders lose their deposit.

Considering the Ayrex review, the weaknesses of the broker are the limited number of trading instruments and the long period (3 to 10 days) to withdraw funds from the trading account. In addition, the website is available in nine languages, but there is no Russian version. Many tutorials are offered in English only. This fact may be an obstacle when opening an account for some traders from CIS countries.

Ayrex does not deduct commissions or fees on deposits, purchases or withdrawals to your e-wallet. The only commissions Ayrex earns are on the trades you make, and this tends to be quite fair, ensuring that you keep as much of your income as possible. Withdrawals via bank transfer also attract a small fee.

According to trusted reviews, Compared to many online trading brokers, Ayrex’s effective returns are quite high. On average, you will get around 83% on a successful trade.

User friendliness

The Ayrex website is well designed and easy to navigate. Their demo account as well as the real money trading account are easy to use with intuitive buttons and instructions. Getting started is also quite easy. Ayrex provides several resources, including a help page and a detailed FAQ page. The platform is easily accessible to traders from all over the world and is available in English, Italian, German, Indonesian and Chinese.

Ayrex Site functionality


Deposits, bonuses and withdrawals One of the features that makes Ayrex one of the best online brokers is that they try to make sure that traders get as much of their income as possible. The minimum amount you can deposit is XNUMX dollars. This makes it easy to test the platform without investing a lot of money. Deposits can be made through several channels, including credit card, bank transfer and e-wallet.

Update: Their deposit bonus offer is inactive now. Ayrex does not come with many of the bells and whistles you find in most online brokers. However, it does include unique features that set it apart from other brokers. One feature is the no deposit bonus, XNUMX USD. Another feature is the Blast competition, in which traders have the chance to win XNUMX dollars per hour. Ayrex allows you to withdraw your earnings and have your money within hours through the instant withdrawal feature. Also, this broker does not charge a withdrawal fee so you get most of what you have earned.

Bonuses from Ayrex

Ayrex review bonus programmes:

  • Deposit Bonus programme

There is a one-time welcome bonus of up to 30% for new clients. The size of the bonus directly depends on the amount of deposit. The prerequisite for getting a bonus is a deposit of at least $100.

  • Bonus from MOFT

Partnership with MOFT allows traders to save on trading. For this purpose, trader needs to make a quick and free registration on MOFT website, then use referral link and go to Ayrex website. You can trade and be compensated regardless of the trade results. If you are already an Ayrex client, here are the instructions on how to link your trading account with your MOFT account.

Ayrex Platform bonuses

Additional services on the platform

Information on this can be found in the FAQ section of Ayrex is built on a unique platform that runs very fast. This ensures that you can place or close a trade with a single click. You are also provided with an easy to use Ayrex demo account. This makes it easy to practice your trading strategies without risking any real money. You can use the demo account for as long as you want, even if you don’t open a real trading account.

According to trusted reviews, the inclusion of an Islamic account in addition to the standard account is another feature of the platform that everyone likes.



Ayrex Value-added services


Customer Service

According to Ayrex review, technical and operational support is available to traders from Monday to Friday.


Ayrex review of the prosAyrex review of the cons
Telephone support


Doesn’t work at the weekend

There is a form to send emails

Opening hours 7:00am – 11:00pm EET

Broker has put a section on the website with the most common questions and answers

Responses are delayed
No online chat

By trusted reviews Ayrex proves its commitment to trader satisfaction through an efficient customer support system. Information about the platform and how to trade is available on the website and on the additional manual page. If you have any problems, you should contact the support team through various channels, including phone, email and live chat. Support is available 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about your problems long before they are solved.

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