NSE trading: how to read Chain and Trade with it

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The Chain NSE, also known as the Matrix, is a list of all available contracts, both puts and calls of NSE, for a given security. It shows all the puts, calls, strike prices and information for one underlying asset for a given maturity period.

What is a chain

People can find the premium by keeping track of the corresponding maturity dates. Depending on the presentation of the data, bid and ask quotes or average quotes can also be displayed in the chain NSE.

Most online brokers and stock platforms display quotes, using real-time or delayed data. Display allows a quick scan of activity, open interest and changes. Users can hone in on the specific NSE Nifty needed to execute a particular strategy.

Users can quickly determine activity, including frequency, volume, and percentages by maturity months. Data can be sorted by expiration date, from earliest to farthest, and then further refined by difference, from minimum to maximum.

Key points:

  • It is also known as an matrix, is a list of all available contracts, both put and call, for a given security.
  • The matrix will have an advantage on the next day
  • Communities usually focus on the “last cost,” “net change,” “supply,” and “demand” columns to assess current market conditions.

How to view the chain NSE

There are NSE chains with different types of assets.

When you open the link, select a contract from the “view contracts” drop-down list, or you can enter any stock or stock quote and click “Go,” or to get an NSE currency chain. You can see the expiration date for the chain. By default, it is displayed for the most recent expiration date.

Deciphering chain NSE

The terms in the matrix are relatively self-explanatory. An experienced user can quickly identify the market with respect to money movements and locations of high and low liquidity levels. This is important information for effective execution and benefitability.

There are four columns of information that guys look at when evaluating current market conditions. The columns are: Last cost, Net Change, Bid, and Ask.

The “Last cost” column displays the last registered and fixed amount of the transaction.

The information in the Net Change column reflects the direction (up, down or no change) for the underlying asset as well as the amount of deviation from the previous day.

An overview of the betting column shows information about how much the person can expect to get from the sale in that time period.

Information about how much you can expect to pay to buy during that time period appears in the ask columns.

In the column following the four listed above, you will find important information to assess the market size.

Your volume, or the number of contracts changing hands on a given day, indicates what the level of liquidity might be for any given staff. Open Interest measures the total number of NSE outstanding for each strike and maturity, which allows you to estimate the scale of market commitment.

The actual level of open interest changes throughout the day. Market makers report the information shown only at the end of each day, because the matrix is most useful for the next.


In order to successfully work here, you need to know the following terms

Exercise money, or strike things – the set in here at which the buyer can buy or sell the underlying asset in effect, and the seller must sell or buy the corresponding amount of the underlying asset, respectively.

LTP – The number that is the most recent.

Net change – This is a modification with the latest numbers offered for it

Open Interest (OI): The total number of all outstanding deals. It has it for both Call and Put.

Change OI: The number of changes in all outstanding deals, i.e., open interest. This indicator is also shown twice for each type of call and put.

Volume – Volume of a call and put at a specific position.

Best brokers


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Regulation by CySEC, FCA, ASICTaxes must be calculated and paid independently
Wide range of toolsQuotations of suppliers are not always as on markets, there are slippages
Protecting our customers’ money


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Pros and cons of platform Binomo:

Easy and fast withdrawal of fundsTechnical failures
Reliable platform
Advantageous conditions

The platform has over 20 different charting tools to help you analyze charts and history. Hotkeys provide quick access and fast online moves, and they are unique to Binomo. You won’t find them with others. In addition, Binomo provides integration with the economic calendar and independent tabs for use with these different NSE put charts.


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What is a put

Out is a contract that gives the holder of a financial instrument the right to sell assets at a predetermined amount at a predetermined time. It is similar to a short position in stocks.

If an unfavorable situation arises (forecasts of the upcoming reduction in the budget of securities), the guy has the right to sell the contract before the agreed date. The decision to sell the financial instrument is made solely by its owner and may depend on the current moods at the exchange. In this case, the buyer is obliged to purchase the thing, even if it is not benefitable for him at the moment.

What is a call

Call is a contract that works inversely to a NSE put thing. It gives the buyer the right to buy an asset at a predetermined budget at a certain point in time. In fact, this financial instrument is similar to the long position at the exchanges.

It is in the interest of the buyer to make the asset go up before the end of the period. If the situation is unfavorable, the user has the right to change his decision and refuse to purchase an underlying investment instrument. At that, the seller has no right to choose. He is obliged to sell the asset at the first request of the buyer.

Attention! The impairment of the seller’s rights in the process of the transaction is compensated by an irrevocable premium. A certain amount is paid to the owner of the securities during the conclusion of the deal and is non-refundable, regardless of whether the agreement is executed within the stipulated term or whether the other party to the transaction changes his mind to buy the asset.

The difference between a put and a call:

The main differences between put and call contracts:

  • A call contract gives you the right (but not the obligation) to buy an asset on a certain date at a specified place. A put gives you the right (but not the obligation) to sell the asset at a predetermined price at a specified time.
  • A call generates a benefit if the price of the underlying asset rises. A put provides a benefit when the value of the security falls.
  • There is no limit to the potential benefit from call contracts. In the case of a contract, there is a benefit limit.
  • By purchasing first, people expect the value of the underlying asset to rise, while a put contract expects the value of the securities to fall.

Don’t try to make up for your losses. Instead, you need to adopt a mindset. Here are some of the traits a successful professional worker possesses:

  • Discipline
  • Adaptability
  • Patience
  • Moral stability
  • Persistence

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