Is IQ Option a scam or not: can you trust your money to this broker?


IQ Option is considered one of the largest brokers, but often on the Internet there are doubts about its reliability and competence, referring to it as a scam. Is IQ Option a scam or not? It is worth analyzing briefly the background of the IQ Option broker to understand whether IQ Option is a scam.

The choice of a brokerage company to work with trading platform must be approached extremely carefully and responsibly. This will protect yourself from unpleasant moments associated with losing, and all such disorders. Trading has amazing prospects for development, because it is characterized by relative simplicity and other important advantages. But all of them can be obtained only when choosing a reliable broker.

What is IQ Option?

Is IQ Option a scam? Well, the largest international broker IQ Option began its activities in 2013 and in a short period of time has become one of the leaders among companies providing trading services around the world. Do you still think IQ Option is a scam? IQ Option broker is one of the most popular platforms for making money through trading, which provides clients with access to the CFD markets, etc. Thanks to the consistently high quality of service, favorable terms and conditions, and the professionalism of technical support managers, the number of IQ Option clients around the world is only increasing today, that still makes you doubt whether IQ Option is a scam or not? Below is a table that contains information about the company.

BrokerIQ Option
Social mediaFacebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Youtube
Main officeYiannis Nicolaides Business Center, Agiou Athanasiou Avenue 33, 4102, Agios Athanasios, Limassol, Cyprus
Company ownerIQOption Ltd
Technical SupportE-mail: [email protected]
Feedback on the siteChat roomHelp CenterCallback from the site
LanguagesEnglish, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean, Turkish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Hindi, Indian, Russian
Account currenciesEUR, USD
Asset typesCurrency pairs EUR / MXN, CHF / JPY, EUR / HUF, EUR / USD, etc.

CFDs on Stocks, Commodities, ETFs, etc.

ProductsOil, Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc.

ETFDow Jones Industrial Average ETF, Technology SPDR, S&P 500 ETF, Year Treasury Bond ETF, Consumer Discretionary SPDR, Utilities SPDR, MSCI Mexico ETF, etc.


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The Essence of the game in the IQ option.

The essence of IQ Option is to conclude transactions to increase or decrease the market value of any of the many assets, which makes people think IQ Option a scam.

If we are right and the price of the instrument, for example, goes down to a certain (known in advance) point in time, then we earn very decent money, about 80-85% of the value.

IQ Option is a scam or not? The essence of trading with IQ Option is as follows:

  • analysing the market situation, for which a trader can use one of the strategies;
  • concluding a deal to increase or decrease the price of an instrument.

Is IQ Option a scam?

IQ Option is not a scam, but a strong organization that was able to conquer traders all over the world as it is currently one of the most law abiding brokers in the international financial market that has won the prestigious “ShowFX World” award for “Most Innovative Trading Broker”. Do you still think IQ Option is a scam? This serious award was received at the largest international forum dedicated to modern achievements.

is iq option scam or not

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Trading interface

Is IQ Option a scam? Trading takes place on an online platform of its own development, mobile trading is also available, thanks to applications for devices based on both iOS and Android. The trading platform of IQ Option doesn’t look like a scam, it is very well designed, everything is intuitive, but because of some bad reviews on the internet you start thinking whether IQ Option is a scam or not.

What are the terms and conditions of trading with IQ Option?

To make sure that IQ Option is not a scam, and in order to feel more confident and reliable when working with a broker, you need to know what are the rights of a client trading on his platform, what are the company’s obligations in relation to a trader. It is worth studying this information to make sure IQ Option is a scam or not, because the broker carries out his work in accordance with the provisions of such a document, even if the trader does not know about its existence at all. You can read the rules for the operation of the platform at any time in the document “User Agreement”, but its name may be different. IQ Option has Terms and Conditions.

In this document, for example, the broker pays great attention to the correctness of the data that the trader indicates for the registration and verification procedures. The user is obliged to provide only up-to-date information at the request of the manager, otherwise his account may be blocked, and all funds, except for benefit, will be returned to his card.

To verify whether IQ Option is a scam or not, it is also worth studying the points of the document about which situations the broker will not be liable to the client: this is a change in information about assets (an increase or decrease in their price), which led to losses, expenses related to the actions of the trader, etc. Also, the organization will not be responsible for the fact that facts, judgments or even its inaction caused the trader’s losses, which again makes you question is IQ Option a scam or not?

Trading Conditions with IQ Option

IQ Option is a scam or not? Its advantages include, first of all, the following factors: the minimum deposit is $ 10, the minimum transaction size is $ 1, the availability of a free demo account, thanks to which you can quickly explore the platform’s capabilities, a large number of assets. Well, the broker’s trading terminal is superior in quality and functionality to many world analogues of similar programs. Particular attention is paid to customer support (24/7), it is carried out in different languages, it improves every day, which makes cooperation with the company more comfortable, and makes IQ Option an ideal broker for a trader, not a scam.

iqoption forex pairs

IQ Option data protection and privacy

The broker has several serious licenses, which also makes working with it reliable and secure for users around the world. IQ Option is regulated and licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (FCA), license number 670182, by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), license number 247/14.


IQ Option bonus

IQ Option is a scam or not? Like all serious market brokers, IQ Option strictly follows the rules and regulations of financial market regulators (for example, FCA, CYSEC, etc.), which only allow some bonuses. One of these special offers that attract traders is a referral program with a bonus of up to 50%.

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How is IQ Option regulated?

IQ Option is a scam or not? IQ Option has several licenses of serious market regulators, which makes cooperation with it reliable and protected, and guarantees that disputes with traders will be fairly resolved, extracting a scam. IQ Option is listed on the FCA register: # 670182. The Financial Conduct Authority is the UK’s main financial regulator. Thus, the broker is on the list of one of the most prestigious regulators of the financial markets.

IQ Option is a scam or not? The organization has a CYSEC license: No. 247/14. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is a serious regulator of the activities of market participants, which monitors their work and operations, and has the right to apply various measures to them, including fines and license revocation. IQ Option is a scam or not? The company also has licenses from such regulators as CNMV (Spain), Regafi (France), AFM (Netherlands), Finantsinspektsioon (Estonia), etc. IQ Option is a scam or not? More information about all its licenses can be found on the website in the “Regulation” section.

  • Check the License of IQ Option on the website of FCA
  • Check the License of IQ Option on the website of CYSE

IQ option scam or not?

The question “Is IQ Option a scam or not?” is asked by many traders looking for a reliable and trusted trading broker. It is no secret that earlier many brokers, were scams and simply cheated their clients for money. The client deposited money into a trading account and either lost it in the shortest possible time, or, for one reason or another, could not withdraw his contribution and / or benefit. Why did this happen?

Firstly, the broker simply did not display transactions on the interbank market, all trading took place exclusively virtually. Considering that newbies lose their deposit up to 95-97%, there was no need to bring deals to the real market.

Secondly, various tricks by scams were often used in order not to pay out benefits: a fuzzy scan of the passport, insufficient information about the client, etc. These brokerage houses have almost disappeared because every broker knows that reputation always goes ahead of the company. IQ Option is a scam or not? Any trader looks for more information about the broker company and reads reviews about it. Also, the control over brokerage companies by the regulatory bodies of the KROUFR (TsROFR) and others has been tightened. Therefore, today, dishonest brokers are almost never found.

Advantages and Disadvantages of IQ Option:

  • One of the leading brokers in the market;
  • Prompt customer support in various languages (you can solve the problem in 46 seconds in a 24/7/365 format);
  • Functional authoring platform;
  • Lots of tools for trading in various financial markets;
  • Wide opportunities for margin trading;
  • Free online trading training;
  • High-quality market analytics;
  • Negative balance protection; a
  • Lots of free sponsored tournaments with real money winnings
  • Quick withdrawal of earnings


  • A complex site where not all information on the terms of trade is available


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