A Detailed Description How to Deposit money in IQ Option in India

how to deposit money in iq option i n india

How to deposit money in IQ Option India

In order to start trading on a real account with IQ Option, you will have to transfer money to your registered account with the company. And many people wonder how to deposit money in IQ Option from India. It can be done in a couple of minutes, even from the comfort of your home, but first, let’s see what payment systems the broker works with:


Account replenishment

For the convenience of customers, Iq Option offers different decisions for funding a trading account:

Bank cards;MasterCard, Visa
Electronic purses;Yandex Money, Webmoney


Through terminals.

If you have never used electronic payment systems such as QIWI or Webmoney, then the best way to deposit will be a transfer from a card (debit or credit). For this purpose, you can use both Visa and MasterCard, and the card can be not only currency, but also ruble. The money is credited to the trader’s account in just a couple of minutes.

If you didn’t deposit money into your real account immediately when you created it, but decided to do it later, then you will need to find the “deposit” tab in your personal cabinet.

In the “menu” (the icon at the top of the screen on the right side), find the “personal account” tab, and there “deposit funds”. Then find the variant of deposit convenient for you and transfer the money. However, before depositing money to your balance, make sure that the currency of your open deposit is the same as the currency you are going to trade in.

The IQ Option India platform automatically opens a real account in US dollars.

How to withdraw money from IQ Option in India

Of course, this process, in a sense, begins with the registration of the account – when filling in the proposed fields, the trader must specify the real data. Otherwise, he will not be able to confirm that the trading account, as well as bank card (account) details or electronic payment systems accounts belong to him. And the inability to confirm the ownership of a trading account not only determines the problems with the withdrawal of money (often insurmountable problems), but also leads to the blocking of the account.

Withdrawal of funds

Answering the question how to use IQ Option in india to withdraw money:

  • Authorization on the website

So, we assume that the trader has specified the correct data during registration, has a good understanding of the technology of deals and has a trading system which ensures the appearance of a certain amount on the trading account. So, the logical question arises – what to do, so that earned money can be managed at personal discretion, how to get it?

  • Selecting the right section

After the trader has logged on to the site under his account, in the list of sections (on the left) must be selected “Withdrawal of funds. There is an alternative way to get to the appropriate section – you need to click on the area where the name of the trader is displayed at the top of the site, and in the list that appears, select the desired line.

  • Filling out the request

Let’s move on to filling out the fields of the withdrawal application. The first field asks you to choose a withdrawal method. Transfer can be made to a bank account, payment card issued by any domestic bank (both credit and debit). In addition, IQ Option India provides withdrawal to the accounts of electronic payment systems:

Webmoneywithdrawal to WMR (rubles)
WMZ (U.S. dollars)
(Euro) purses)
Yandex Money, Qiwi or Skrill.
  • Send request

Now that the application for withdrawal is ready, you need to carefully check the data entered once again, and if everything is correct, you can safely press the “Send” button. Do not ignore the need to check the information, not even the fact that the money can go to another account (this will not allow the security service, whose employees check account numbers with the name of the owner).

  • Tracking the execution of the request

After sending, the status of the request can be tracked in myAlpari (section “Transaction History”). At first it gets the status “In progress”, after the request is approved and the money is sent, the status changes to “Completed”.

How to make a deposit in IQ Option with a debit card

When transferring funds to the deposit in this way, you can use cards not only debit, but also credit ones, which are marked Visa or MasterCard. After you have chosen this type of deposit, a window will open in which you must fill in the following details:

in the field “card number” you should fill in the digits (16) on the front of the card;

the date until which the card is valid;

In the “holder” field indicate your name and surname – if you are the holder of a named card, then write it down exactly as it is written on the card, if not – in Roman letters;

CVV2/CVC2 – in this column you must specify the 3 digits of the code, located on the back of the card.

After filling in all the details and processing the money transfer, the deposit will be credited within 1-2 minutes, and you can practice the theory you have learned. When depositing by means of electronic payment systems it is necessary to follow simple and clear instructions. Money is also credited to the balance in 1-2 minutes.

You can also fund your account via Skrill or Neteller. These methods of depositing money are popular in European countries. Residents of CIS countries rarely use these systems. If you choose this way of depositing, then, as well as with electronic purses, you will be able to make a deposit according to the instructions.

Replenishment via debit card

How to make a deposit in IQ Option with a electronic wallet

To deposit to IQ Option via Webmoney, you will need to register a wallet and then recharge it in one of the possible ways, for example, with a bank card. Not very convenient, because if you have a bank card, it is easier to transfer money directly from it to your deposit at the broker.

Nevertheless Webmoney in CIS countries remains one of the main payment systems used on trading market. True, for those who work with WM for the first time, this payment system doesn’t seldom seem difficult because of the key files, passwords, passwords for keys, etc.

Replenishment via Wallet

It is easy enough to refill your Iq Option account. But it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to specify only the reliable personal data at registration. It depends on it – whether you will be able to withdraw your money back or not. If your data in the registration form differs from the data specified, for example, in bank details, you will not only be refused a withdrawal, but also your account will be blocked.

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