How do blockchain work 

Types of cryptocurrency options

Blockchain work on a blockchain, encryption is used to protect transactions, and the blockchain уis used to control issuance and confirm transfers. (RHL)

Blockchain is an electronic database that stores blockchain in the form of blocks that require complex mathematical calculations to create and verify. Blockchain are stored in electronic wallets, which have a high level of security, unique private keys are used to verify the owner.

While coins are now popular with both retail and institutional investors, there is also widespread skepticism about the legitimacy of blockchain as an asset class.

Nevertheless, if you want access to blockchain trading, you need a trading platform that can fulfill your orders as well as offer reliable resources about the blockchain market.

In its basic form, blockchain trading is the exchange of blockchain . The working principle is very similar to stock or fx trading, where you speculate on the price of a financial instrument and hope to benefit from it.

There are many blockchain available on blockchain trading. However, the two most dominant coins are Bitcoin and Etherium. Most blockchain are driven by Blockchain technology, and each has different levels of volatility. Their potential is now expected to greatly influence the financial market, opening up investment and blockchain trading opportunities for people of all shapes and categories.

The obvious advantage of CVs is also anonymity. If a plastic card is tied to a passport, then an electronic wallet is just a set of characters, which by itself will not even print out a mailing address. And if you install and use such a basic means of protection as Tor, then the tracking of transfers becomes impossible even in theory.

The lack of centralization and central authority also brings some disadvantages to CA. For example, all transactions are irreversible (unless some intermediary is used). That is, there is no possibility to go to the bank and cancel the transfer. The money goes in one direction, and there is no way to return it without the consent of the recipient.

As for the other most frequently mentioned disadvantages of blockchain , which are mostly voiced by new users, the useless waste of huge computing power and energy to maintain the functionality of Bitcoin and other currencies is usually mentioned.

There are other ways to look at this statement. For example, the value of conventional money, at least in theory, should be secured by something else, in our case gold. In the world of blockchain , the value of coins is in a sense provided by the value of the energy spent on mining and the money spent to buy the mining equipment.

You can try to use blockchain trading by registering on the IQ option.

Types of cryptocurrencies

What tools should have a modern blockchain exchange

Blockchain trading is not just about trading. It is possible to earn from assets without making transactions with them. One is to use stacking type products.

Many blockchain trading platform now offer this feature. It allows you to passively increase the number of coins by simply storing them on the exchange. If an investor has decided to invest in blockchain with long-term goals, it will be more effective to do it on an exchange that supports stacking – to passively increase the number of coins and to fix more benefit by the time of sale.

blockchain trading platform allows an investor to participate in blockchain trading. You can buy and sell these blockchain by opening an account and making trades. When you know which blockchain you want to trade, you transfer the information to the blockchain trading platform, and it makes it much easier for you to trade.

An investor can approach blockchain trading in two ways. The first is to buy currency in its pristine form. Since blockchain is completely, you will keep it in your blockchain wallet.

Since blockchain trading is still relatively new to the investment sector, you will find that not all trading platforms are regulated.

Similar to how a traditional brokerage system works, you will need to pay fees and commissions on the blockchain trading platform of your choice. It depends on the blockchain trading platform as well as the scale of your investment. However, it is not difficult to find blockchain trading platform that offer zero transaction fees along with a competitive commission structure.

Types of blockchain exchanges

The main and most common type of blockchain today is bitcoin. As soon as it appeared and gained a certain popularity, there appeared a lot of its derivatives – forks, which differ from the original by the meaning of mathematical calculations. Due to the great variety of “assets,” blockchain trading platform were just formed where forks can be placed. Well, otherwise blockchain trading platform are divided into two types:

  • Resources where users can exchange blockchain for fiat currencies;
  • Sites that allow users to exchange blockchain only for other blockchain .

As for the first, it is attractive for users as an earning opportunity. trading blockchain provides the opportunity to conduct speculative transactions in the market, withdrawing benefits as a real currency, which is characterized by high volatility. Exchanging one currency for another will be benefitable, if it is used in the future. But connoisseurs assure that all this is nothing more than theoretical data. In order to be sure of the efficiency of this or that method one must have practice. It means that before engaging in trading blockchain one should thoroughly analyze the work of popular exchanges of today.

Today, blockchain is confidently conquering the electronic world. That is why many people who were able to appreciate its benefits gave up their main job and devoted themselves to trading. The time when trading on exchanges was available only to a narrow circle of people, to brokers, who buried themselves in piles of papers and monitored price movements of various assets, has long been a history. Moreover, it has become accessible for the majority of network users. Today, anyone can become a blockchain trader, regardless of their level of knowledge and the amount of initial capital.

The best blockchain trading platforms

IQ option

IQ option is one of the best blockchain trading platform that provides a single platform for exchange and trading blockchain. IQ option supports many popular blockchain, as well as deposits and withdrawals in blockchain, dollars and euros – however, for fiat transactions you need to verify your account. The service has very attractive conditions for trading blockchain .In addition, the service features a high transaction speed – trading is performed literally in one click – and increased attention to security. Client funds are stored on cold wallets with multisignature to avoid theft or losses on blockchain rate fluctuations.

IQ option also offers an excellent affiliate program that allows you to receive 25% of commissions directly to your trading account.


Dukascopy provides margin trading of CFDs on blockchain price movements, derivatives or valuations, making it one of the best blockchain trading platform.

Unlike traditional blockchain buying, CFD trading allows for speculative transactions without the actual storage of blockchain in an electronic wallet, which again confirms the status of the best blockchain trading platform.. The absence of the need for actual storage of blockchain enhances cyber security.

Thanks to the leverage provided for trading accounts, the client is able to hold blockchain CFD positions in volumes larger than those originally held in traditional currencies.


The BitForex platform provides an opportunity for day trading blockchain is headquartered in Singapore and has about a hundred branches around the world. It is among the leaders in terms of trading volume. Users like: (RVL)

  • Simple and user-friendly interface;
  • Large range of supported blockchain;
  • Minimum trading commissions;
  • High level of security.

On BitForex there is no mandatory verification, but from traditional currencies only Chinese yuan is presented. Margin trading is not available and technical support works only in English.

BitForex is building strategic partnerships, issuing its own internal token, and adding derivatives to its trading platform. All this creates a huge potential for the further success of the exchange.

The BF Token will help increase the revenue share among BitForex users. Its holders will be able to benefit from trading on the BF platform and pay significantly lower fees due to the overall rewards system implemented through the launch of BF Token.


One of the best blockchain trading platform. The main advantages of the service are:

  • The ability to exchange blockchain for rubles and U.S. dollars;
  • Complete anonymity. There is no identity verification at all;
  • Support for little-known blockchain projects;

HYCM is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA).

HYCM trading platform works with thousands of altcoins and provides active clients with a bonus in the form of access to the money crane.

None of the exchanges that exist today, including currency exchanges, can boast of such rate volatility as in the case of blockchain exchanges. For example, in 2014 alone, bitcoin appreciated by almost 6,700%! In a minimum amount of time, it is possible to make a really attractive benefit, because the price can rise rapidly, as well as fall down. The major blockchain, the hallmark of which is the largest capitalization, show that the value of money can not only grow rapidly, but also reach the highest limits of the maximum. Thanks to these features, traders who trade wisely can easily make fortunes in just a couple of months. And this is not an exaggeration at all.


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