What is an eToro demo account and how to connect it?

toro demo account pros and cons

You can open an etoro demo account on the website and practice trading.

What is an eToro demo account?

eToro is a regulated, multi-licensed company founded in 2007. Hundreds of eToro employees work in offices around the world in close cooperation with other financial market participants.

Registering with an etoro demo account is not just opening an account at a brokerage firm, it is, in fact, joining one of the largest communities of goal-oriented traders in the world. It has all the tools you need to become a skilled trader.

At etoro demo account, you will be able to:

  • Independently trade coins, currencies, the stock market, indices, ETFs, commodities markets
  • Follow other traders, like you follow people on Twitter or Facebook and then track their trades with just one click
  • With eToro you will be able to copy in a one-to-one mode all trades of traders you are interested in (this is so called copy-trading).
  • You will be able to share all this information about trades and investments with the whole community in order to make better choices (social trading)
  • Investing in CopyPortfolios is a kind of common investment fund based on copy-trading technology

The etoro demo account is a platform where you can interact with other users (traders) in the same way as you can do on Twitter or Facebook. In other words, you can like, comment and share signals provided by other users on Etoro. All Etoro users can be divided into an individual investor, a copy trader, or a trader broadcasting his signals.

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Opening a etoro demo account is very easy. All you have to do is:

  • Go to , then go to the button “Registration”.
  • Fill in the registration form.
  • Confirm your account.
  • In your etoro demo account you will receive 100.000 virtual dollars, so you can try all the services offered by etoro demo account.


creating etoro demo account

How to create an eToro demo account?

Opening an etoro demo account is quite easy and straightforward.

To create a etoro demo account you need:

  • On the site, find and click the button labeled “Join Now” or “Trade Now.
  • On the next web page you will see an electronic form where you can enter all the personal data required to open a new trading etoro demo account.
  • Please fill in all the necessary information requested in this form. Additionally – login via Facebook or Gmail.
  • Before submitting your information for consideration for creating an etoro demo account, please take the time to read the eToro Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • Once you have completed reviewing all of the conditions for creating an etoro demo account, please confirm your acceptance of them by checking the appropriate box.
  • Submit your information on creating an etoro demo account by clicking the “Register” button.


eToro home page

Etoro demo account can be used for:

  • Training and knowledge acquisition
  • strategy check
  • platform testing
  • Trade preparation (selling, buying)
  • checking the social networking site for investors

Remember, not to invest, you can’t afford to lose. Your capital may be at risk. Invest wisely and use a stop loss to limit your risk.

But what should you do, if you have practiced on a etoro demo account and realize that trading on the financial market is not for you? That’s where eToro comes in. You just need to choose an experienced trader from the list (it is very easy to do, because all the displayed data about traders is real!) choose the acceptable risk and start copying their trades in the automatic mode.

If you are still experiencing difficulties and it is hard for you to understand all this – do not worry, after you have opened a demo Etoro account you will get a call from an analyst who will explain everything clearly or do part of the “work” for you.

Advantages of eToro demo account

All beginners start their acquaintance with financial markets by opening a etoro demo account.

Demo account is a great opportunity to practice without risking anything. You can get acquainted with the trading terminal, study trading instruments and understand the general principles of the market, decide on the choice of trading instruments (futures or stocks), and test different trading systems.

So, etoro demo accoun account is a very useful tool for a beginning trader.

But there is a downside.

When working on the etoro demo account, the trader does not feel the risk. In the market everything depends only on you, you can both quickly earn and quickly lose everything. Only by understanding the degree of risk a trader can be better in the long term. While on an etoro demo account the risk is not felt, when you lose the account you can immediately open a new one.

You will never manage to earn experience on an etoro demo account.

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Advantages and disadvantages of etoro demo account

Advantages etoro demo account:
You can get acquainted with the trading terminal etoro demo account
Learn the general principles of working on the financial markets.
Choose a trading instrument
Testing of trading system
No risk


disadvantages etoro demo account:
Lack of proper psychology in a trader

On an etoro demo account you can make several successful trades in a row, just randomly guessing the direction while working with half of the deposit. And immediately think you are a god and hurry to open a real account. Which you will happily sell in a few days.

Because on the etoro demo account you do not care, you can calmly wait for the most favorable moment to open and close a position, or even throw it without a stop, and then accidentally open it and see a benefit.

On a real account nerves fail too often, and positions are closed either too early without making all possible benefit or too late and with a huge loss. This is another trap of the etoro demo account. You may think that playing the stock market is easy. In fact, only a tight control over the situation and yourself can allow you to be successful.

To summarize, here are some tips:

If you decide to familiarize yourself with the financial markets, be sure to open an etoro demo account. But don’t make the acquaintance for too long, we recommend you to work on the etoro demo account for not more than one month.

Virtual and real eToro accounts

eToro offers traders commission-free trading, with the exception of short trades or leveraged stock trading. No markup or ticket fees or management fees are charged to traders.

Creating an etoro account

Virtual account

With this account, traders have access to all traded financial instruments, and have the function to trade manually or use copy-trading, which requires stability.

The Virtual account caters to a wide variety of traders, from beginners to more advanced traders who are not yet qualified to become professionals.

However, leverage for retail clients is limited, but they are still eligible for protection from the Investor Compensation Fund. The maximum leverage for retail traders is not specified and they should check with eToro before registering.

Professional Account

To qualify for a Professional Account, eToro has a selective process that includes a test that determines a trader’s stability and qualifications as a professional trader, making them eligible for this type of account.

Professional traders must take note of certain conditions of protection from the European Securities Market Surveillance Authority (ESMA), such as eligibility for the Investor Compensation Fund as well as application to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Demo account

Etoro demo account offers traders the opportunity to open a demo account that can be used in a variety of ways, including but not limited to the following:

  • A practice account for novice traders looking to improve their trading skills and experience in a risk-free environment, using virtual funds
  • Can be used by traders who are evaluating and comparing brokers and who would like to explore eToro’s trading conditions in a risk-free environment
  • For traders who want to test their trading strategies in an environment that simulates real trading, without risking their capital.

Registering an etoro demo account is fully digitized and uncomplicated. It can be done in a few minutes, and as soon as a trader registers, he or she can start trading in the demo mode, using eToro’s advanced, comprehensive and popular proprietary trading platform.

By registering a demo account with eToro, traders receive $100,000 of virtual funds, as well as access to all traded financial instruments in a risk-free environment that does not threaten the trader’s own capital.

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