BinBotPro robot: Disadvantages and Why is it a Scammer


What is a BinBotPro

In our time, any direction of various commercial activities will develop and improve, taking different forms. And this is quite a normal pattern or axiom that every entrepreneur knows about. Another thing is that there are situations when the business, while outwardly retaining all the signs of honest entrepreneurial activity, turns into a fraudulent scheme. Unfortunately, no one is insured from that, which has become popular recently.

The fraudulent essence of this project is enclosed in a single sentence. No robots that are specifically designed to make money exist in nature. There are only advisors, programs written by man, which automate the trading process, but do not make money for you. In addition, there are a real paradise for crooks. It is very, very difficult to find a real office that would honestly let you make money. And it is definitely not one of them.

A machine decision is a fraudulent online trading program that allows the person to earn on the exchange in an automatic mode. That is, the user does not need to make any predictions, analyze the market situation, study the factors that may have a direct/indirect impact on the outcome of the transaction, all these fabulous promises make it clear that this is a fake!

We are 100% sure that their platform is illegal and cannot be used for benefitable actions. This kind of investment is associated with high financial risks and this should not be forgotten.

The company positions itself as a browser-based program which does not require downloading and subsequent installation, which is very strange, because nowadays almost every licensed broker has applications both for a computer and for a cell phone.

This is a new robot-fraud requires little time to register, let’s look at it in more detail, it looks like an official brokerage companies, it has its own assets and even has a demo account, but it is all just a picture in reality you will only lose money and probably nobody will give it back to you, no matter how hard you try.

Signing up for them is easy. The registration process consists of only 3 steps:

  • entry of personal and contact information;
  • account activation;
  • Clicking the “Automated Trading” button.

binbotpro Register and use

Then you need to choose one of the unscrupulous brokers, agree with the terms and conditions and click “Registration”. There is no need to pay to open an account, registration is free. After completing it, the user receives an email with confirmation and a link to activate the account.

After you have logged in you should make a deposit which we strongly recommend you not to do because although the robot offers you a demo account to test all its earning possibilities, no one will show you the whole picture. In fact, all set up algorithms are performed automatically. But you will not be able to find out exactly how the money has been earned, the program will show as if they came out of thin air.

It is also worth noting the minimum deposit of $250, while most licensed and benign companies offer a much smaller amount.

Is it worth giving your time to BinBotPro

Having registered a login, a new user can relax: unlike traditional platforms, no one will offer him to take a course, study the mechanism of the Trading market or understand the factors that affect the price of shares on this resource. Why would a newbie want to learn something if it’s not the guy who is going to think, but an AI? This is what this liar is trying to trick you on.

By the way, the domain is over a thousand days old. Of course, this project has not been in operation for that long. Otherwise, many people would know about it. But it is very difficult to find any mentions of them on the web. How is it possible? Where are the hundreds and thousands of satisfied customers who earned on anything here? Let there be at least one. It turns out that these scammers just bought an old domain and placed their project there, that’s all. They also show us that this invention has a bunch of awards, which of course is an outright lie.

But even on this resource, there is an opportunity to see how the program works. However, the existing demo version shows fantastic rates of users’ capital increase, but it doesn’t show the mechanism of benefit formation, and the user won’t know what made him/her “get the income”.

Binbot pro review

Everything you need to work:

● Have a huge minimum deposit of $250

● Decide whether to open a VIP account or not.

● And choose one of 3 fraud brokers presented on the site, with which, in fact, he will work. You can’t offer your own broker, the program allows you to work only with 3 unlicensed platforms.

In terms of requirements this company does not ask anything unusual, everything is standard and simple, which does not arouse suspicion, like all criminals that try to deceive you.

It offers the following assets:


In order to attract more users, the people behind it select the most popular assets.

How Binbot pro offers to withdraw money

In order to deposit or withdraw money, you can use:

  • Bank transfer;
  • Plastic cards;
  • Online banking;
  • Skrill;
  • QIWI;

Summarizing all of the above information, we can say with 100% probability that it is dirt with the help of which conscientious people are cheated.

binary bot


Their signals are issued after predicting the market situation, which of course is not true and there is no market analysis in fact, just a mere sham. That is, deals made by professional stockbrokers are automatically summed up and formed into packages, which are then provided to you as proof of your earnings. And then they are fed into the software, which is run by crooks who are trying to cheat you.

Entering details

It is web-based, so there is no need to download a mobile app. And this is a good thing, because private owners sometimes encounter problems when installing such applications on a smartphone or tablet. Currently, there is no mobile app. Currently, mobile applications are only possible with false brokers offered by the platform itself.

BinBotPro scam?

Yes, it is! Their terminal has a list of machines that work on behalf of the user. Each robot adheres to its own tactics. You can choose that robot which he considers the best. In addition, speculators have the right to create their own robots based on their own requirements and preferences, but all of them are not regulated and are a means of cheating.

Working “under” three brokers, this robot actually copies the conditions they offer. This explains some differences between the tools used, changes in the minimum bet (from $0.1 to $5) and methods of depositing to the wallet. If you study all the information about this company: reviews, characteristics and reviews of positive/neutral users, you can conclude that this resource is 100% a fake, and you should not mess with it in any case.

The promised percentage of benefitable deals at 80-90%, is a huge unsubstantiated figure which proves that they are lying to you

binbot pro scam

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