MT4: list of brokers on this platform

Best binary options trading platforms

This article will describe the best trading platforms today. They come in different types and differ noticeably between each other in the set of functionalities and the quality of trade provision. As there are not so many variations, every broker is using a trading platform at his own discretion. Let’s understand what kind of software this is.

If you want to invest in stocks, currency pairs, funds or other investments online, it will only be possible if you have access with a minimum deposit. It is considered to be the link between the financial markets and the trader investor. To make trading easier, modern best platforms provide charts and analysis to help you trade. In addition, some of them offer automatic trading.

MT4: top trading platforms

Why do traders start looking for the best trading platforms? One platform has a very small number of assets, another one provides information too late, the third one has no user friendly interface, and the fourth one has interruptions and shows “distorted information”. And at stake is our money, which we earn by hard work. That’s why many traders are wondering which one is the best, to minimize the risk of losing money. Let’s try to find out.

The best trading platforms today are software created by big brokerage companies. They sell their developments to brokers and make good money on it. It is not benefitable for them to cheat traders, because they do not earn anything. Many people blame the creators themselves, but this is not the right position. It is cheating the broker himself, not paying out money or using a platform of unknown origin. Software companies in the industry provide their platforms to both licensed and unlicensed brokers. This is why many traders get confused when using a popular trading platform, mistaking the company for a better and more reliable broker. But that’s not true.

Interactive Brokers MT4:

IQ Option platform

IQ Option is an innovative and one of the best trading interactive MT4 platform for benefitable trading provided by IQ Option Interactive broker on MT4 platform. All the deals on the broker’s side are opened and regulated. And with the help of IQ Option you can protect yourself from losing your deposit at the broker.

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UTIP platform

UTIP is an international and of the top trading platforms for auto-trading with practice for service organization on the market and the Forex platforms that allow trading. High speed of the terminal and stylish color design, professional capabilities for technical analysis and compliance with all modern safety requirements – all this is combined in a high-tech and productive platform terminal.

OptionRally platform

This is one of the best trading platforms, which is 100% web-based, which allows traders to trade securely from anywhere in the world without downloading or installing any additional software. The combination of OptionRally’s unique set of and state-of-the-art technological solutions meets the needs of any trader.

24Option platform

The dashboard of this one of the best trading platforms, that is, the deal window and the list of assets, are made on a dark background. In addition to the fact that the dark color scheme does not tire the eye, the trader’s brain automatically begins to work more clearly and balanced when working on the 24Option platform.

Anyoption platform

Any platform is the world’s largest professional, regulated and one of the best trading platforms for other innovative derivatives, which allows traders to earn on negative and positive fluctuations in financial markets. This platform supports several languages.

If you buy a with a fixed expiration time, then at any time (even a few seconds after purchase) you can sell it back, regardless of whether it’s benefitable or unbenefitable.

The BetOnMarkets platform

The BetOnMarkets interactive broker on MT4 offers its clients a very convenient one of the top trading platforms. The platform has a pleasant web interface along with high speed. Beginner players can try out the platform and get a little experience by practicing on a conditional account of 10,000 virtual dollars.

OptionBit Platform

OptionBit is the world’s top trading platforms, providing traders with the ability to trade on commodities, currency pairs. It is owned by the leading broker, OptionBit. Today, no trading platform can offer the tools and services that OptionBit does.

With OptionBit, you can earn much more – returns up to 81% and weekend returns up to 400%.

uTrader platform

The uTrader is one of the best trading platforms for is currently considered to be the most secure and convenient platform for trading. This platform is owned by uTrader broker and today it is in no competition with platforms of other brokers organizing trading.

The main advantages of the uTrader trading platform are its simplicity, convenience and security.

FXPro Platform

FXPro is one of the top trading platforms offering a wide range of over 50 underlying assets such as foreign exchange, stock, index and commodity. Opteck provides a choice of High/low and One Touch.

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Dragon Platform

Dragon – is a regulated trading platform is a high-tech online platform and offers users of instant trading almost anywhere in the world.

You can try to use best trading platforms by registering on the IQ Option platform.

Best binary options trading platforms

What is the difference between desktop, mobile and web trading platforms?

First of all, there should be a distinction between those that work directly from a desktop computer and those that are offered in the form of a browser. In addition, there are those available for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. The largest providers offer their MT4 software in all three variations.

However, they may differ in functionality. You may find the best functionality in the desktop application because you download the application directly. However, the lowest level can be found in the versions designed for mobile devices. The small screen and small memory can be mentioned as reasons.

Nevertheless, there is also the possibility to customize the functionality to your taste. You can see that the mobile versions are happy to expand. The desktop version has too much stuff and users customize the features to a level they find comfortable for themselves.

Any active trader usually uses all three functions to be able to react quickly during the day to changes in the rate of a financial asset.


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