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Ayrex has been growing steadily since its launch. The website is built on specialized software, which makes it very fast for placing your trades. The Ayrex demo account allows users to test the site.

What is an Ayrex demo?

You don’t have to worry about losing a trade just because the platform is slow. A free ayrex demo account is also offered. This makes it easy to practice trading without investing any real money. You don’t have to go through a tedious registration process to gain access.

Ayrex also offers two trading account options, the standard account and the Islamic account. Withdrawal requests are also processed instantly, eliminating the long waiting periods you find with many online brokers. Finally, you can start trading for as little as $5

It is usually recommended that you deposit a small amount before you make certain trades. The minimum amount you can deposit and exchange on the Ayrex platform is $1,000. So you don’t have to worry about having tens or even hundreds of dollars held in your trading account while you test the platform.

Ayrex is one of the few online trading brokers that offer instant payment processing. This feature comes in handy when you want to make a quick buck.

Some traders have reported cash within hours of submitting their withdrawal requests. What’s more, Ayrex doesn’t charge withdrawal fees, which means you get all your earnings.

To use the ayrex demo, you need to visit the site and register.

ayrex broker official page

How to create an Ayrex demo account?

Ayrex brokerage company will be of interest first of all to professional traders. As for the beginners, they have an opportunity to learn the basics of trading on an ayrex demo account. Working with trading brokers is associated with big risks as the probability of losing is much high.

To ayrex demo account registration at the brokerage site, take a few minutes and follow the steps

  • Click on “Create account” button;
  • Complete a template form with your username, e-mail address and password;
  • Pass the qualification testing, answering the basic questions about the principles of Trading market functioning.

At the end of ayrex demo account registration the trader is offered to set up a trading account. Within this procedure you need to select the type of account, the currency of deposit and the amount of leverage. The maximum leverage is 1:500. After completing ayrex demo account registration, the user is automatically redirected to the personal cabinet. Now you can replenish the deposit, install the trading platform and start trading.

A ayrex demo account can be opened by clicking the appropriate option in the ‘ayrex demo account – Open Demo Account’ menu or by clicking the ‘Account Bar’ button.

registration on ayrex

When opening a ayrex demo account you will need to specify

The following personal information:

  • Name – your full username
  • Email – (where the login information will be sent toaccount information)
  • Country – the country of residence;
  • Phone number – mobile or landline phone number
  • Phone number
  • Deposit – the amount of the deposit (this is a ‘virtual’ deposit) to be used for the ‘Demo account
  • Currency – currency that will be used for the ayrex demo account – currency that will be used as the base
  • Leverage – the necessary leverage.

After filling in all the fields, to continue clicking on the green button ‘I Agree – Create Account’-‘I Agree – Create Account’.

Ayrex demo account: pros and cons

Among the main “pluses” of the platform in question are the following:

Pros ayrex demo account:Cons ayrex demo account:
A large selection of training materials;The educational resources that Ayrex offers are quite modest
A large selection of training materials
Availability of bonuses
A high level of user protection;
Use of modern technologies

After registering on the platform in question and opening an account, novice traders can use the tutorials presented on the website to at least become familiar with the terminology. To test their knowledge and the potential of this web resource, experienced traders recommend working using a free demo account.

On the Ayrex trading platform, the assets and stocks of large companies are of great interest to experienced traders, but that doesn’t mean that a new user should follow the same strategy.

Demo and live accounts of Ayrex

For those who want to practice or try different strategies there is ayrex demo account.

Any trader looking for a broker whose trading platform offers speed, easy navigation, various trading options and many features that reduce risk and increase the chances of benefit should consider Ayrex.

The website is built on a unique software platform that runs fast. You can choose from different expiration intervals, including 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 minutes, 3 minutes and 5 minutes. These short-term trade expiration intervals make it easy to schedule your trades and make quick benefits. If you want to hold your trades longer, there are High / Low options that can last from 15 minutes to 1 hour.In addition to the classic High / Low options, Ayrex also offers Touch / No Touch, which offers high benefit potential.

The working conditions are quite different from those offered by brokers. That is why the account here is the only one, it is available with investments from 25 to 10 thousand dollars or euros.

It is possible to open an Islamic account for those whose religious beliefs allow them to trade exclusively without swaps and rollovers. There is even a separate trading platform option marked “halal” for practitioners of Islam. So that such an important sector of the company’s target audience would not have any difficulty with additional settings and could be sure that their interaction with the broker would not violate religious prohibitions.

Additional services on the platform

Information on this can be found in the FAQ section of yrex is built on a unique platform that runs very fast. This ensures that you can place or close a trade with a single click. You are also provided with an easy to use ayrex demo account. This makes it easy to practice your trading strategies without risking any real money. You can use the demo account for as long as you want, even if you don’t open a real trading account.

The platform also includes a unique feature called early close. This allows you to exit a losing trade to minimize your losses. The inclusion of an Islamic account, in addition to the standard account, is another feature of the platform that we liked.

 Value-added services of ayrex

How to fill a bill on Ayrex

Deposits can be made starting from 25 USD – this is the minimum deposit. Withdrawal is allowed from 5 USD, leaving an application through personal Ayrex cabinet. Once a month you can withdraw money without any fees. In case of more frequent withdrawals you will have to pay commissions, which are calculated according to the formula in your personal cabinet.

The main transaction channels are as follows:

  • Bank transfers,
  • Cards,
  • Neteller,
  • Skrill,
  • Fasapay,
  • UnionPay.

A more precise list will be shown in the personal cabinet: it will depend on the client’s country of residence.

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