Ayrex broker regulation summary: can you trust it?

ayrex real trading

Ayrex is a global broking service for trading which isn’t perfectly regulated. You’re able to speculate there on moving up or dropping markets. If your predictions are right, Ayrex payout is a serious return/yield, even with the fact of being not completely regulated. The firm is actually based in St Kitts and Nevis and was developed in 2014. Ayrex is managed by Advanced Trading Technologies Ltd., but is not fully regulated. The company allows clients from almost everywhere other than the USA, Iran, and several other regions.

This brokerage provides you with the opportunity to trade with greater than 60 different assets. Although Ayrex isn’t totally regulated, the execution of this broker agent is considered to be one of probably the most rapid on their own established trading platform. Additionally, there’s customer support through e-mail, online chat, and also telephone. Novices have the ability to get started with an absolutely cost free BO Demonstrational Account and find out more regarding trading in the training center. These benefits totally compensate for the fact that Ayrex is not perfectly regulated.

The main homepage of Ayrex web site

Facts about Ayrex:

  • Established in 2014
  • Based in Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • 60 Assets +
  • Good and right away support
  • Free demo
  • Free demo contest with prizes
  • Really fast execution

How’s Ayrex regulated

It was noted above that the brand belongs to Advanced Trading Technologies Ltd. that is registered offshore under number C44622. The Ayrex broker doesn’t have any license and is not completely regulated. The contact info as well as the essential documentation is publicly obtainable for every one of the users.

As Ayrex is not entirely regulated, there’s an issue concerning the authenticity of Ayrex being a Trading broker. You wouldn’t wish to place in your investment without understanding whether the Ayrex broker you selected is regulated or will suddenly close up the market and get all your roughly gained money. Consequently, considering that Ayrex is presently not regulated, what could they suggest to prove the authenticity?

The contact details offered by Ayrex are fully verified, even if the broker is not entirely regulated. Many illegal organizations try to stay away from giving the contact information or even use fake info. Their company enrollment number C44622 additionally confirms that Ayrex is being recognized as a reputable organization, not paying attention that it is not currently regulated.

Ayrex is one of the minority trading brokers, even fully regulated ones, that we can state is known for their business model of openness. Traders have all of the details they need to make an informed decision about whether or not to invest their money in the company, as it was said that Ayrex is not totally regulated. For instance, Ayrex website clearly states all of the information about the incentives you will receive on your deposits. If you can’t find the information you need on the web site, you can obtain one of their specialists via phone, chat, or email. Employees of the Ayrex customer service team are also frequent visitors to the CommuniTraders site, where they answer queries about this non-regulated broker.

If you don’t wish to deposit a lot of money into your trading account, Ayrex’s minimum deposit amount is $5. This gives you a chance to try out the platform with no risk that you will lose a lot of money if it is a fraud (which it is not). Being a not fully regulated broker doesn’t make Ayrex a scam.

Being in business for more than 6 years is not easy if you are a fraudster. The fact that Ayrex has actually been afloat for so long, even without being fully regulated, is a good sign that traders really trust this broking firm. In addition, website traffic has been steadily increasing.

Is Ayrex trading platform safe?

On the platform, you can make use of a totally free demonstration or live account for trading, despite the fact that Ayrex broker is not completely regulated. Tailor the charts in various timeframes and also use indicators. It is clean as well as easy to use trading platform. Specifically for newbies, there are a great deal of details on the platform. The web site makes a modern impact and also ratings well with a clean menu.

The negative aspect of this trading system is that it is not really personalized as well as adaptable. There is a lack of various alternatives for establishing your very own trading strategies. On the other hand, the trading experience can be ideal. It is impressive due to the fact that there are no lags or various other concerns. Trade execution is just one of the fastest worldwide. Ayrex claims that traders can open up the position in 0.028 secs. We checked this assertion and made a decision that they are right. As non-regulated broker, Ayrex has significant trading conditions.

Additionally, the platform is readily available for mobile trading, yet just for Android devices. Finally, it is not the very best, however it is an appropriate platform for trading as fast as feasible.

Ayrex trading platform

Ayrex commissions and account types

Ayrex broker has two types of accounts: standard and Islamic. The main difference between them is the following: the trader, who has opened an Islamic account, does not pay a commission for transferring a transaction to the next day (swap). This adds points to the Ayrex broker which is presently not regulated at full terms.

Account typeDescription
StandardThe minimum deposit is $25. Betting starts at $5. The following types of trading are possible: High/Low, One Touch, Turbo. Swap is charged for position rollover to the next day. The number of trading tools is more than 60;
IslamicThe minimum deposit is $25. Betting – from $5. The following types of trading are possible: High/Low, One Touch, Turbo. Swap is not charged for position rollover to the next day.

Although Ayrex broker is not fully regulated, it does not charge a commission for withdrawing funds, but such a commission can be withheld directly by banks or payment systems.

There are swaps – this is a commission that is charged for moving a position to the next day. At the same time, the broker provides the opportunity to open an Islamic account – no swaps. That is a good point for non-regulated broker, which Ayrex happens to be.

Account typeSpread / CommissionCommission for withdrawing

Basic advantages of Ayrex broker

  • Despite the absence of a regulator, Ayrex broker has been on the best BO market for over six years
  • Ayrex is not fully regulated, nevertheless it has recommended itself as a reliable brokerage company
  • Disputable issues are resolved by the broker with the help of independent third parties

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