60 sec binary options strategy and description

Bollinger bands indicator for binary options on IQ Option trading platform


One of the peculiarities of trading turbo options is that a decision has to be made in a short time frame. The reason is that you work mainly with a one-minute chart, where the formation time of each candle is exactly 60 seconds. Accordingly, if 60 sec binary options signals appear, you need to make a decision right away.

To trade in this mode, you need knowledge. Especially in the field of technical analysis, because we are working with the chart at the lowest timeframe. The knowledge should be very profound in order to be able to apply it without looking at training materials.

Indicators are important tools of technical analysis. Below we will look at the 60 sec binary options indicators.

Moving Average is an indicator of technical analysis, which is displayed on the price chart with one dynamic line. The essence of this 60 sec binary options indicators is to determine the average value of the asset and the future trend. This indicator is the most commonly used indicator for 60 second options – it is a component of most of the existing indicator strategies, which are designed for high frequency trading.

MA indicator for binary options on IQ Option trading platform

Indicator for 60 sec options Relative Strength Index or RSI is an indicator that takes into account several market indicators: trend direction and market extremum zones – overbought and oversold zones. Due to such high informativeness and flexibility of construction this indicator is an excellent analyzer of short-term price fluctuations and a generator of highly effective 60 sec binary options signals and often is used for 60 sec RSI binary options strategy.

RSI indicator for binary options on IQ Option trading platform

Bollinger bands indicator is used to determine the dynamic channels of price fluctuations. The Bollinger bands 60 sec binary options indicators working on the chart shows several necessary parameters for making accurate forecasts: price channel frames, trend direction, volatility of price movements. These indicators taken together allow making the most accurate predictions about the future direction of price movements when trading binary options for 60 seconds, because the indicator can generate several different types of 60 sec binary options signals.

Bollinger bands indicator for binary options on IQ Option trading platform

The Bollinger bands 60 sec binary options indicators can generate several types of 60 sec binary options signals during its operation. The most effective and commonly used ones are a reversal of price when it reaches one of the channel boundaries and back to the inside of the channel, or a price break of the Bollinger middle vector. By trading with 60 sec binary options indicators combined 60 sec binary options signals, you can increase your trading capital by up to 200% every week. Up to 75% of your trades will end up with a profit.

60 sec binary options strategies

The fast-moving nature of turbo options obliges traders to choose strategies that have proven themselves on short-term timeframes, where analytical indicators such as simplicity and good visualization come to the fore.

Parabolic MACD strategy

This 60 sec binary options strategy based on a combination of two popular technical analysis tools – Parabolic SAR and MACD (both indicators are included in the basic package of MetaTrader terminals).

Using a pair of indicators is aimed at increasing the reliability of the forecast – the indicators of the trend Parabolic should be duplicated by the values of the MACD oscillator, which reacts sensitively to the price fluctuations on small timeframes. For 60 sec options, you can use the default indicator settings.

The strategy is effective in stable trends, but it is better to trade highly volatile assets.

To open an “up” position, the following conditions must be met:

  • The MACD histogram crosses the signal line in a bottom-up direction;
  • Parabolic points are located below the candles.

PUT options can be opened when:

  • The MACD histogram crosses the signal line from top to bottom;
  • Parabolic points are drawn above the candles.

Triangle strategy

The Triangle 60 sec binary options strategy is based on graphical analysis of triangle patterns – rising, falling, symmetrical and divergent. Of particular interest are ascending and descending patterns, which have an unambiguous interpretation of the continuation of the current trend. The ability to identify these figures on the price chart allows you to enter into contracts in the right direction.

The tactic is based on the activation of transactions at the time of the breakdown of the pattern boundaries (triangle sides), which are support/resistance levels. The ascending triangle usually confirms the dominance of the bulls, and the breakdown of the resistance level is considered to be a reliable signal for the purchase of an “Up” option.

To buy a CALL option, we must wait for the pattern to complete (one of the indications being a 5-wave structure within the triangle), and for the price to pass the boundary line (several bullish candles appear).

A descending triangle is interpreted as a bearish continuation pattern and provides an opportunity for DOWN binary contracts. A breakout of support at the lower boundary of a triangle is a signal to buy those options (however we must wait for conditions that mirror those of an upward triangle to occur).

60 sec binary options trading strategy using Moving Average lines

Moving average indicator trading is actively used on different financial assets and time intervals (only on the trend market). In a strategy for turbo options, the MA indicator gives simple clear 60 sec binary options signals, determining the direction, strength and moments of trend reversal.

When setting the MA for small TFs parameters of moving averages with periods of 5, 10 and 15 are used, which are displayed on the price chart by lines of different colours (usually MA 10 is green, MA 5 is red, MA 15 is blue).

Trade 60 sec binary options signals are considered when there is a crossover between the MA 5 and 15, followed by the MA 10 and 15 in the same direction. If the crossover is downwards, PUT options are purchased and if in the opposite direction, CALL options are purchased.

You can try to use a 60 sec binary options strategy by registering on the IQ Option broker’s platform.

Advantages and disadvantages of 60 sec binary options

Ease of use, you can actually start trading in any sessionThe need to receive trading signals in a short period of time, analyze them, make a decision and open an option
The ability to make a significant number of trades in a short period of time, which is important when using some strategiesA high level of excitement and emotional tension, which can prevent the trader from objectively evaluating the situation
wide choice of brokers for trading with different sets of possibilities and instrumentsHigh risk of losing a deposit, which results from the speed at which you must act and there is simply no time to check and recheck your predictions
high profitability, ranging from 65% to 85% of the depositThe presence of the market noise factor, on short intervals the analytics might not work, because the market is dynamic and is influenced by many factors, and the trends available for monitoring are showing up in longer-term contracts
Ease of functionality by choosing an asset and predicting its price direction

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